Godex.io: A new exchange service from seasoned cryptocurrency experts

Cryptocurrency has proven much more resilient than other traditional financial instruments during the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Combined with a rapid increase in interest for DeFi (Decentralised Finance) and concerns over the potential impact of quantitative easing, the cryptocurrency market is now seeing a massive influx of people who are looking to grow their investments and protect their savings.

Godex provides a reliable and efficient exchange service for anyone who wishes to operate the cryptocurrency market within a safe and secure environment.

Brief history and ideology of Godex.io

The owners of Godex.io call themselves “industrialists”, describing their significant weight and experience in the crypto industry. Their in-depth knowledge of the market and the communication with the major players helped to shape the main principles of service and make it useful and more attractive for their ever-expanding list of clients.

The owners created a service they would want to use themselves: simple, safe, fast, and reliable. They became a “buyer persona”, the personalisation of an ideal service customer.

The development of Godex.io began with the gathering of business requirements. Numerous surveys show that there are three main criteria that cryptocurrency traders check for when selecting an exchange service that is right for them:

  • Rates
  • Transaction Speed
  • Service Reliability

Each user wants to get the money quickly and safely without unnecessary complications or overpaying. Godex.io was designed from the ground up to meet these expectations specifically.

Due to the very nature of cryptocurrency and its central ethos of privacy, Godex.io rejected the idea of collecting and storing the personal information of its clients. In this way, the service pays respect to a user’s right to financial confidentiality and secrecy. Moreover, this policy removes the risks related to hacker attacks and information leaks: No personal user data means no sensitive information can be obtained from the website.

What is Godex.io now?

Now, Godex.io is one of the fastest exchange services on the market – order execution time varies from 5 to 30 minutes. The time depends on the confirmation speed in a decentralised network: it takes longer for amounts of more than 1 BTC. The service reliability is based on the modern security protocols and physical protection for the servers. Finally, Godex.io tracks, accumulates, and analyses the rates from other leading exchanges and partners to form the best possible price for its clients.

For the real crypto enthusiasts out there, Godex.io offers more than 200 coins to exchange without limit. These options are for crypto traders who make money on the rate difference and require a large number of altcoins. Usually, the exchange services limit their offerings to the most popular and accessible coins – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple. Godex.io understands that there are investment opportunities to be found in many altcoins, so be sure to check the full list on the website. All Godex users have the option to exchange any amount per transaction, and the number of daily transactions is also unlimited.

How does it work?

The exchange process is a simple one: the client chooses the exchange pair, then deposits the first coin, waits for a short time, and gets the second coin. Godex.io requires no registration, but the client should have their crypto wallet set up in advance. There are many online services for crypto wallets available, so setting one up won’t be a problem. Being able to use the service without registration shows that Godex.io values anonymity and does not collect personal data.

Without wasting money on advertising, Godex.io developed the partner program to benefit the platform while rewarding its users: a partner can earn extra money, and the service reaches the right target audience in the shortest possible way. This means that owners of popular crypto platforms, blogs, websites, etc. – can sign a partnership agreement and receive additional profit.

Currently, Godex.io provides its service for thousands of clients every day, completing more than 10,000 transactions daily. So, if you want to change one coin to another, try Godex.io and enjoy the fast transactions and the pleasant rates.

About Godex.io

Godex.io – cryptocurrency exchange service that offers access to more than 200 coins. With no obligatory registration, optimal rates, fast business processes, and no exchange limits, Godex.io achieves a reputation for reliable exchange services among crypto traders and other players on the market.

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