Hairdressers are offering the ‘mirrorless haircut’ for a confidence-boosting salon experience

Thinking about it, I never feel so bad about the way I look than when I’m sitting in the chair at the hairdressers. The high-neck gown, the often harsh light, the wet hair or mountain of foils, and hour upon hour of staring at my face in the mirror.

Systematically, I pick apart every existing insecurity from my under eye bags to the asymmetry of my nose, and inevitably start conjuring up new ones altogether as the appointment goes on (one insecurity of mine that was born in a hair salon and has persisted ever since was the realisation that my head is a bit on the big side).

I’m not alone. In fact, the pros at Not Another Salon noticed that so many people dreaded being forced to look at themselves for hours that they launched a new treatment that promises to eliminate self-judgement for a more confidence-boosting salon experience. Introducing the Mirrorless Haircut – a simple yet effective option to forgo the mirror altogether, or just use it at the very beginning of the appointment for the initial consultation.

“From a scientific point of view we are six times more likely to remember the negative than the positive, so no matter how fabulous that final ‘reveal’ moment is at the end of the service, it is never going to replace the painful hours our client experienced before as they had the time to sit, stare and pick apart their perceived imperfections,” says founder Sophia Hilton. “The ‘Mirrorless Haircut’ eliminates that.”

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Either, the hairdressers can use a mirror to discuss the cut and colour before covering the mirror up or turning the chair around, or the entire service can be carried out without ever catching a glimpse of your own reflection (a great option for simple trims and repeat colour services).  “What is important to remember is the mirror was never intended for the client, it was actually for the hairdresser in order to balance haircuts.”

Sophia goes on to explain that the trend for more tousled styles and less geometric cuts also lends itself to a mirrorless haircut. Take the shag look that has dominated the past year, or textured layers, which promise a nonchalant and deliberately imprecise finish. Hairdressers are able to master these looks without having to be meticulous about symmetry, which would require use of a mirror.

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