Just how horrible to live

What are females afraid of? Anything– mice, treason or exacerbation of yeast infection. There are worries that can not be worn at work, and also occasionally– also to share with good friends.

They are much more major as well as bring a great deal of undesirable feelings– from light anxiousness to depression.And often they presume as to stop living. About that, which is usually terrified of the occupants of the megalopolis, where the feet of these concerns expand and also whether it is possible to combat them, the contributor of SHE recognized.

Allow’s define with concepts. Fear is a safety reaction, that includes 2 necessary components: an understanding that there is a details danger to stability, life or well-being, and also mobilizing the body to prevent this hazard or overcome. “What is called anxiety in day-to-day life, physicians call a phobia. Phobia is an unreasonable or excessive worry of something actual or unreal. The major distinction: anxiety as a reaction helps to live.

Worry as a fear to live conflicts “,– discusses the psychotherapist of the facility” Sibneymore “Igor Pozhidaev. According to him, fears can arise both on the basis of actual events (a dog attacked– now I’m terrified of pets, I dropped on a bike– I’m terrified to skate), as well as on the basis of claimed occasions. When a girl is frightened by a wicked uncle who will certainly take her away if she does not consume gruel, it is rather possible she will hesitate of all “uncles” ahead of time.

Mother, I’m terrified

Of the children’s concerns, the roots of lots of significant concerns grow: not only baba and evil uncles come here. “Now you will certainly grow up, your kids will be crying,”– most of us have listened to comparable admonitions from my mother or grandma … And this, by the way, is the source of such a typical concern of young metropolitan careerists, like the anxiety of having youngsters– they require a great deal of obligation.

On the message “attempt to mature” formed concerns “I’m terrified of maturing,” “I’m afraid to deliver.” The worry of being incorrect, which particularly is expressed in fear of being a negative mom, according to the therapist of the facility of sanogenic medication “Eurasia” Lyudmila Yurganova, is found among ladies more frequently than others. Igor Pozhidaev, highlighting the sources of fear of coming to be a mommy, calls 3 main: the fear of the unidentified, the worry of pain during childbirth and, lastly, that maternity generally means change from a classification of the woman in a category of the woman.

With all that it suggests. Fear is associated with a reluctance to move right into a much more accountable as well as grown-up classification. Incidentally, with the birth of kids there can be a brand-new worry– already for kids, their health and wellness, future and life, and additionally is afraid that the process of education is somehow incorrect.

It is thought that the most effective means to beat this anxiety is the birth of more than 2 children. While the youngster is the only one, entirely get rid of fears for him might not succeed up until the look of grandchildren.

I’m unwell as well as unhappy Who among us is not terrified of flu or fungi in the pool? This anxiety is fairly typical, it is needed to know: you can not snuggle with sneezing, but you have to take sandals into the pool. However, in some people the knowledge concerning the existence of germs as well as diseases triggers the disorder of the 3rd year of medfak: an individual is afraid of any malfunctions, and also every prickling appears to him a deadly illness. If this goes too much, there is a fear of disease generally, as well as seniority, in which they can not be prevented.

“This is the component of life that finishes, although natural, yet, anyhow, fatality. If death to old age is something incorrect, then in seniority is the standard. People are afraid of death and also therefore are afraid of everything that ends with death, “- states Igor Pozhidaev. And also he adds: worries that rest against death are the most challenging to work with. To get rid of these anxieties, we have to “agree” to pass away, to accept this as a natural reality. But many people locate it challenging even to confess to themselves in their anxiety. The second essential problem for victory over the concern of fatality is the filling of one’s life with a crucial task.

Loneliness in the blood

If you are an introvert, then steadly live through the night alone behind a book and a cup of cacao. But even one of the most private ones will hardly ever state that they can live without people in any way, and most will certainly add: it is especially tough without a close individual. And they are searching for: that is the business to go skating, that is a close indigenous individual, and also somebody does not have adequate enjoyable and also uninhibited partner. One point prevails: everybody is trying to find people who can fill their spare time. As well as frequently they do not recognize that they are doing this as a result of the anxiety of being laid off.

“Any concern of loneliness inevitably hinges on the truth that there can be a situation when no one will concern the rescue,” states Igor Pozhidayev, remembering: we do not worry if we live alone in joyful occasions of life, as well as if troubles take place, it takes place that it’s far better that no one understands about them and also does not touch them. Concern just appears when, when we imagine: there will be trouble– and also no person will certainly come, no person will certainly assist and will certainly not safeguard. This is an anxiety of a risk to life, yet in fact a family member of the worry of death. As well as we need to combat it in the same ways.

Poor Lisa

Finally, in a crisis, numerous hesitate to avoid of work , which means– without money. By the way, the truth of fear does not affect in any way whether this circumstance is real or otherwise. To whom this concern is not precisely familiar, it is inadequate– those that in some way make ends fulfill, I’m sure Igor Pozhidaev. Additionally, worry is unknown to those who recognize just how to “rotate”. But those who got out of poverty by chance, are the appropriate prospects for the proprietors of this variation of worry.

Among them, the proportion of ladies is rather huge. The factor for this situation lies in the fact that in numerous families the health of a woman depends upon the health of her partner. “If for a man in such a culture the norm is the wish to have an extremely high earnings, then for a woman it is thought about regular to intend to” obtain wed successfully “- to have a husband with a really high income. The important things is to be lucky. The rate of this is dependence, “the psycho therapist summarize.

Strong fears amongst ladies show up with the very first troubles or even thoughts about them– when a woman realizes that she can not give herself. The assumption of this possibility is the basis for the anxiety of destitution.

The best way to battle this fear is independence. If you can protect yourself, then you are secure.

As psycho therapists say, dealing with anxieties is a helpless business, as it is a fight against oneself. It is far more crucial to recognize what is frightening you, and afterwards take worry as well as understand what it was for. And also just after that begin job: to imagine that the anxieties have actually happened, as well as to establish an action plan. “From the addiction regime on concern, you need to go into the search setting for a positive service for each details case,” sums up Lyudmila Yurganova.

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