How to stop a maniac attack and what to do in an important circumstance

Sad statistics in Russia suggests that the number of assaults on women is expanding every year. Maniacs, burglars, killers do not disappear from criminal narrates and also do not let them unwind. As a child, moms and dads advised us: do not go late, do not go alone.

To observe these restrictions currently, when we have actually grown up, is not always practical and also, additionally, deprives several chances. Regarding just how today you can shield on your own, preserving your personal flexibility, and also why a female attracts hostility, the contributor of SHE discussed.

The primary factor for the regular assault on females is their natural weak point.”In our mentality, there is such an assumption that a woman is a” victim”, claims psychologist-consultant Margarita Ivanova. “What is established not only by physical, yet likewise by psychological weak point.”

Psychoanalysts are accused of attacks by ladies themselves:”They have a much more developed dream than guys, that they intend to do something with them,”says psychoanalyst Olga Krivochurova. — And this dream implies that there is a desire to meet with the rapist. And also it is performed: the rapist as well as the sufferer constantly move in the direction of each various other. ”

You can beat your all-natural weak point and also damage the sufferer in lots of means.

Technique 1. The main thing is the trunk.The most basic, yet not every lady wants to have a gun.”Pistols are gotten more often by men,”the reps of the Siberian Weapons Center claim,”females do it seldom, they often get electric shockers(2,200-3,200 rubles)and also gas cartridges(140-230 rubles ).” The electroshocker either does not have a fuse, since of what it can quickly function in a close bus, or large in volume for a purse. As well as gas cartridges are non reusable, gas out of them leaves in 5 secs, regardless of exactly how huge the container was. And also the effectiveness of these devices is questionable– they require an accurate view. “Women pick them because of the schedule and convenience of usage,

in comparison with the weapon,”clarifies Margarita Ivanova.– Also, if the shocker– this is exactly the protection, after that the weapon implies the opportunity of an attack. A woman is terrified to have such power.”If you are extra anxious not by power , but by lunatics, then you can use the recommendation of the Siberian Weapons Center as well as get a gun for self-defense (from 6 to 15 thousand).

The main thing is to get a license for weapons: pass medical exam, pursued the district, pass the examination and also purchase a safe for storage space( 1,5-2 thousand rubles)– and also protection is ensured. Method 2. All set for battle.”Women’s as well as men’s self-defense is very little various,”stated self-defense instructor Vasily Tsukanov.– The major emphasis in women’s self-defense gets on the evaluation of guys’s susceptabilities as well as the mental setup”Any lady can rebuff the wrongdoer.”According to the trainer, combat sporting activities can aid, although if they are supplemented with analysis of road circumstances.

In Novosibirsk, mostly oriental martial arts are prominent. The reasons are the prevalence of halls, where they educate Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, and so on, on top of that, draws in exotic: kimono, tatami, secret methods. The selection of ladies for martial arts is likewise explained by psycho therapists:” The lady is guided by the reality that these sports are less aggressive than, as an example, boxing,”claims Margarita Ivanova. The woman does not have adequate testosterone to beat the opponent to the blood.And in the oriental fighting styles they are drawn in by the beauty and also viewpoint of non-aggression.” There are very few places in the city where there are self-defense training courses for ladies. They are specialized just in the females’s self-defense club”Ya Samaya” (the price of a one-month training course is 2000

rubles)and also the fitness center”Studio Fit”(1,700 rubles monthly). Additionally, mixed classes in martial arts and also protection are held at the Remix-Drive physical fitness club (1,800 rubles for 12 lessons each month)

as well as hand-to-hand battling and also protection in the Lider Sports Complex( 1,000 rubles each month). Along with playing sporting activities, Vasily Tsukanov encourages to train creativity:” When you see a person or a team of individuals, imagine the circumstance of the strike (the assailant’s actions and yours), so you will show yourself to always be ready.”If the attack has occurred, after that defeat on the open face and also neck, you can aid a sharp things, even a nail data. A blow to the most at risk manly place to make sure that the leg, if it

were not for an obstacle, stopped at the navel. Method 3. Gypsy with exit.If you are alone in an alley with an aggressor, do not let on your own sob or attempt to deceive him. “Maybe it will influence somebody,”states Tatiana Teper, psychologist at the NIKA psychological and social facility. “But to cry is to act like a sufferer, resigned to his destiny.” So you will certainly approve the policies of the game maniac. Instead, attempt to perplex him. Rush to him with a cry:”I’ve been waiting for you all my life, “or start noisally sing something or recite, or reprimand him with the last words.”All this is optimal to obtain the adversary out of emotional balance,”says Galina Goncharova, a specialist in community service.”He’s waiting on obedience, congestion, yet he obtains a kind of gypsy with a leave. “It can shame him or even terrify him.

“Psychologists claim that such instances” do not happen when in a while”.”Imagine, “claims Tatiana Teper, “a lunatic has been tracking the sufferer for a very long time, and instantly she begins to review poetry. Such an approach can lower the state of mind just in among tens of thousands. “Rather, it is far better to attempt to speak his teeth. A couple of years ago an unfamiliar person started to plague a lady in the street. She pretended that she liked him, and also persuaded her ahead to her home. In the apartment or condo, she grew him to consume alcohol tea in the kitchen area, as well as she went to an additional room with her mother, as well as asked her to call the police. The cops arrived– a surprised criminal was eliminated.

You can follow this example only, “if you are certain that there is a person at house who can conserve,”Tatyana Teper alerts,”as well as if the apartment is not on the tenth floor, as physical violence can take place in the elevator. ” Among the most effective ways is to “attract self-loathing”: you can damp on your own or cause man-made throwing up. If none of these methods works, after that do not surrender: shout:”Fire”, since nobody unlocks to the cry”Help “. Attract people’s interest: kick the cars that are standing alongside– the owners will leap out

at their howl. And also more: battle all the same, as you recognize how– it will not be worse all the same.

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