How to Regrow Hair Naturally Without Surgery

Hair loss is a very common problem between men and women. Although women are more concern about it, hair loss is very common among people aged 15 to 50 and here are some homemade remedies you can use to prevent and to regrow your hair without surgery.

What causes hair loss?

There are many factors that contribute hair loss the most common are: aging, stress, family history, hormonal imbalance, nutrition, diet, pregnancy, medication (such as steroids) and long term illness.

How to prevent and regrow hair?

There are 2 ways to regrow hair. One is hair transplant (surgery) another is naturally. Surgical hair transplant requires a lot of time, money and the process can be painful, this is why in this article we will focus in how to prevent and regrow hair by using natural and organic ways. In other words 5 home treatments for hair loss:

Oil massage

Massaging your scalp with lukewarm oil stimulates blood flow and stops hair from falling down, ideally you should massage your scalp using either: coconut oil, jojoba oil or almond oil – everyday. These natural herbal old has been used for hundreds of years in Asian countries, mainly India and China. This is why Asian people have strong and dark color hair with volume (these herbals oils provide vital vitamins and minerals).

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been proven to treat and cure a number of diseases and hair loss is no exception, applying Aloe Vera gel over the scalp twice a week balances the pH levels stopping hair loss. Plus Aloe Vera is rich in vital nutrient that are ideal for hair grow such as Vitamin E. This treatment has been Europeans favourite and you can easily notice Aloe Vera enhancements in many European shampoo, conditioners and hair products.


Neem is herbal plant and by boiling it and applying over the scalp in lukewarm water prevents hair loss, this can be used as Aloe Vera substitute but if you have a choice go for Aloe Vera.

Eating and applying coconut milk is the best natural treatment for hair loss. Eating coconut regularly will not only stop hair loss but give volume and strength to your hair. Coconut is rich in vitamin E, vitamin K and iron which are responsible for hair growth.Coconut milk

Shampoo and Conditioner

Washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner is recommend however overdoing it will result is damaged hair simple because harsh chemicals over time tend to damage therefore it is recommend that you apply shampoo and conditioner no more than once a week.

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