Just how to stay eye-catching at any type of age and also why is it better to begin the means to elegance in winter season?

Beauty is a genuine womanly wealth, and also to be eye-catching at any type of age is the imagine each of us! Fortunately, modern cosmetology and plastic surgery made this feasible.

To attain a truly good (as well as persistent!) Outcome is feasible only with a comprehensive strategy, rely on the facility “Dune” and also … proclaim in the Siberian winter November as a month of charm with one-of-a-kind deals for ladies looking after their appeal and also youth.

Why winter season?

Wintertime, according to specialists, is the very best time period for improving one’s image. The factor is that it is at this time around that the most desirable conditions are developed for the application of the most reliable methods (and in all balls relating to the exterior appearance: from cosmetic procedures to executing transformations– cosmetic surgery).

Numerous procedures alone can be lugged out just in the autumn-winter time, due to the fact that the “technology” of their execution requires the full elimination of the aggressive results of sunlight. Speech in this case is about peeling and all types of laser resurfacing.

Secondly, there are procedures that indicate a recuperation duration. For instance, after various plastic procedures, it is necessary to put on some compression clothing and bandages for some time, as well as injection methods can “react” with contusions and also scaling. And also in winter months, under the external apparel (consider a brief light day!), It is more convenient to “conceal” possible swelling and also various other “repercussions”.

Third, in winter season there is much less dirt as well as dirt, not hot– that is, sweating is dramatically lowered, which indicates that healing occurs rather.

As well as lastly, there comes a period without summer homes as well as summer youngsters’s vacations, the season of vacations mores than and there is a time that you can commit to your appeal!

Beauty map

November in Siberia is currently winter months, and although this truth triggers despair for numerous, Siberians have something to enjoy! Besides, in November we can use all the “ands also” of the winter months period to boost our look, and beginning today, by the New Year we will simply have time to obtain an excellent result!

It is just essential to consider that many procedures call for uniformity in execution and also are carried out after a particular period of time. And the guarantee of an outstanding result is a properly designed program.

You will certainly be assisted by professionals from the multi-disciplinary clinic “Dune”, which proclaimed November the month of beauty. During this time, you will make up a specific appeal card at the assessments of cosmetologists, plastic surgeons as well as dentists-therapists (appointments of these professionals are totally free during November).

Secrets of young people

In the division of cosmetology facility “Dune”, specialists with several years of experience will provide you reliable techniques of face as well as body restoration, starting with skin care procedures of numerous types as well as including all shot techniques (all kinds of peelings, biorevitalization, contouring, Dysport injections, SMA-rejuvenation, laser procedures).

Comfortable “plastic”

Regular cosmetic procedures considerably prolong the youthfulness as well as flexibility of the skin, yet, unfortunately, just approximately a certain restriction. Later there is a so-called gravitational ptosis as well as it’s time to turn to a plastic surgeon for taking extreme procedures.

Highly professional cosmetic surgeon of the center” Dune “perform all sorts of procedures for renewal as well as modification of issue locations: nose surgery, blepharoplasty, renovation, otoplasty, liposuction surgery, bust augmentation as well as much more.

In the facility “Dune”, to name a few things, there is an unique proposition– a facility renewing procedure on the face and neck (that includes a round face as well as neck lifting with SMAS-technique, endoscopic forehead lifting and blepharoplasty of the eyelids).

Throughout November as well as December the expense of this operation is 135 thousand rubles (the cost includes anesthetic and 2 days remain in a brand-new generation medical facility).

The medical facility is located in the city center next to its polyclinic division and enables arranging operations at a practical time for the individual in an uncommonly comfy setting.

All postoperative actions– continuous guidance as well as control of anesthesiologists, 24-hour treatment, dressings, assessments as well as referrals of the participating in doctor (which leads the individual from the initial see to the clinic) are cost-free of fee.

And also what regarding the smile?

The ended up photo is tough to picture without lovely smooth and snow-white teeth, since they adorn the person and provide him self-confidence. To fix definitely all the deficiencies of teeth, there is reconstruction.

Due to the accumulated experience as well as very own advancement, the dental professionals of the Dune clinic do the most restorative remediation of the teeth (sometimes, the teeth are not treated with boron in all), utilizing the current nanocomposite materials and also in the shortest feasible time.

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