I Can’t Unsee the Absurd Way This Person Cut an Avocado

Though the big slice originally aired back in 2018, a Twitter user by the name of Dianna Anderson recently resurfaced it, creating, «I’m seeing Worst Cooks In America and one of them reduced an avocado like this and lord assist me.»

A pair thousand retweets as well as «sort» later, none aside from food preparation professional Chrissy Teigen caught wind of it, candidly sharing her ideas with a simple, «oh my god.»

We could all use a distraction right concerning now, and today, said diversion comes in the kind of an instead cursed image, so please prepare your eyes as necessary. Currently fervently flowing across Twitter, the photo concerned hails from season 13 of Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America competition, throughout which one particular entrant reduced an avocado in fifty percent straight via the pit, rather than thoroughly cutting around it as one generally does.

You can enjoy the cringe-inducing moment unravel on Food Network’s website right here, if you risk.

Look, I know the entire factor of the Food Network collection is to test admittedly terrible chefs to find out the ins as well as outs of cooking, so I definitely do not fault this lady for not knowing just how to properly carve out an avo pit.

I do, however, have a surplus of ideas regarding this specific cursing screenshot of the moment, which I merely can not stand up to sharing listed below in the form of a comprehensive bullet listing.

  • This photo has the exact same suspenseful energy as nails on a chalkboard.
  • Dude, avocado seeds are dense AF— either he or she is extremely strong or that knife blade is exceptionally sharp. Or maybe both?
  • Whew, I’m really glad her fingertips endured that slicing objective.
  • Should a person have possibly informed her that’s an avocado as well as not a tomato?
  • This picture is mosting likely to offer me much more problems than When a Stranger Calls provided me back in sixth grade. (Yes, I’m mindful that I’m a wimp.)
  • * Rihanna’s critically acclaimed hit «Disturbia» plays gently in the background *
  • I movement to make reducing an avocado such as this illegal in all 50 states. All in support, please state «aye.»
  • Any person else really desire guacamole now?

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