I Graduated From College 2 Years Ago and Have Yet to Use My Degree

I graduated from university with a degree in photojournalism and a minor in earth sciences. My “end” objective? To help National Geographic. I was constantly interested in scientific research and also nature, and luckily, a few weeks out of college, a buddy was able to refer me for a management assistant role at the magazine.

The task summary was straightforward: work in the placement for x quantity of time, and if you stand out, make the best connections, and learn rapidly, you can perhaps transfer over to the innovative department someday.

Graduating from college is a interesting as well as terrifying time. You’re ultimately able to enter the “actual” world, and also while a lot of individuals have actually set ideas regarding their profession objectives as well as exactly how to attain them, it can be a rough lesson to discover that reputable job experience for your dream task is not one dimension fits all.

And even more importantly, there’s no set timeline to arrive. I’ve found out that the hard way over the last two years.


Over the course of 2 years, I’ve worked a handful of jobs that were not directly connected to my level however still showed me so many valuable skills.

Although I had not been delighted concerning the work itself, I was so thrilled to potentially be a part of the firm whatsoever. After rounds and also rounds of meetings, I was told I wasn’t chosen. While it was definitely a disappointment, I also really felt eased. I still had the flexibility to locate a work where I would have the opportunity to do more of the things I in fact enjoy, such as digital photography and also writing, rather than just assistant work. Yes, I was just starting out and also required to get every sort of experience I could, yet there were no guidelines that said exactly how specifically that needed to take place.

Not long after losing on that job, I decided to follow my desire for living in Hawaii and relocated 4,000 miles far from house to Honolulu. In the beginning, I was still eager to find a task that suited my level, yet in such a separated and also restricted market, I might just find a few entry-level tasks inside the interactions area. I didn’t care. I wished to learn all I can outside of a workplace and on my very own terms.

Over the course of 2 years, I’ve functioned a handful of tasks that were not directly connected to my level yet still taught me a lot of abilities that relate to it. I found out how to be an excellent portrait professional photographer while benefiting a resort, I learned exactly how to open my own business through online freelancing teams, I discovered what an amuse-bouche is while working in a fine-dining restaurant, and also I learned where the very best sundown areas are to picture thanks to my food shipment work. I rapidly learned that you can apply your degree and passions to almost any kind of job if you obtain imaginative, as well as I’m truly thankful for that lesson.

I really did not land my desire task at National Geographic as well as begin rising immediately after college, I much favor this windy route instead. The roadway I’ve developed for myself may lead back there eventually, as well as if it does, I understand I’ll have so several useful abilities under my belt that’ll make me a massive property. And otherwise, I’m certain I’ll locate another thing equally as satisfying, because the roadway to a desire task doesn’t have to be direct. It transforms as well as changes as well as stops sometimes. The only point I do know for particular now is that the future is endless.

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