I Rewatched The Twilight Saga: New Moon and There’s So, So Much to Unpack

Admittedly, New Moon was my least favored book as well as motion picture. Generally, Edward and the Cullens leave Bella, and also she becomes much more engaged with Jacob and also the werewolf facet of the collection.

As someone who is Team Edward forever, I believe it’s pretty noticeable where Edward’s lack lacks allure for me.

If you were anything like me in middle school, you were a little bit obsessed with The Twilight Saga. (OK, majorly consumed.) Yes, I was a big fan of the series, as well as it was rather cringey sometimes, but that does not suggest that I do not still enjoy watching the movies!

Earlier this year, I rewatched Twilight and shared some ideas on that particular, as well as currently I’m back with the second installment: New Moon.

Nonetheless, I still take pleasure in the film and also have not seen it in a number of years, so join me on this journey down memory lane as I rewatch The Twilight Saga: New Moon!

  1. Bella is so mad regarding her birthday at the start simply due to the fact that she’s «out-aging» Edward as well as yet she’s. essentially transforming 18.
  2. This wig is still doing Taylor Lautner definitely no favors.
  3. Ah, yes, English course is the perfect place to have a really personal conversation regarding the time Bella practically got eliminated by one more vampire and then enjoyed claimed vampire obtain torn apart and shed in flames— really laid-back.
  4. The Volturi obtain introduced in this film! I forgot about them. They play such a big role in the remainder of the films that it’s intriguing that they’re never even discussed in Twilight.
  5. Oh no, the PAPER CUT!
  6. So much to unpack in this birthday celebration scene. Edward absolutely YEETS Bella back into the table, Jasper enters into complete vampire setting, Alice tries to relax him down like he’s a crazed dog. outstanding.
  7. I forgot exactly how heavy every little thing remains in this collection. No surprise I loved it so much throughout my angsty teen years.
  8. OK, this breakup scene absolutely gutted me 10 years ago. Now I’m like. why would certainly Edward leave her completely unprotected, under the semblance that it’s to «shield» her? Additionally, why would certainly he primarily just ghost her leading up to it and afterwards bring her right into the center of a freaking woodland to unload her???
  9. But likewise, real talk. The degree of codependency that Bella has with Edward is not healthy! Bella is a brilliant young woman and has so many options in her life, yet she assumes that Edward is the only purposeful thing in her life.
  10. Oh man, this mosaic where Bella is comatose before her home window for months— no, SEASONS— is actually screwed up. The reality that Bella’s frame of mind is never appropriately addressed is actually ridiculous and disappointing.
  11. Seriously, if your buddies or enjoyed ones are behaving the manner in which Bella does after Edward leaves— connect to them as well as please see to it they get some help.
  12. Bella’s an adrenaline addict currently just so she can get an occasional glance of the weird Edward ghost. cool!
  13. I actually like the partnership that Bella establishes with Jacob prior to he joins the pack. It’s wholesome, and Jacob is the first individual to absolutely appreciate bringing Bella back from her clinical depression.
  14. I despise this odd thing that Bella’s good friend, Mike, has with her from the outset. She does definitely nothing to show that she’s interested, and afterwards the second that she decides to be social once more («since you’re chatting and also, you recognize, eating»— Mike’s precise words!) he right away asks her on a day. Review the room, man.
  15. This love triangle movie scene is unusual. Men are always chasing Bella also when she could not be less interested.
  16. Jacob’s wolf transition happens amazingly quickly. One min he’s having a heart-to-heart with Bella in the cinema, the next minute he’s all set to combat Mike. Like, it happens in 5 secs level.
  17. And after that, once more, Bella’s lifeline is cut. Jacob primarily tells her that reducing all connections is his means of keeping her secure. hm, where have we listened to that before?
  18. OMG, Laurent! He’s part of the «poor» vampire triad from Twilight, as well as he’s back to see if Bella is still protected by the Cullens. (Which, since Edward jumped and left her entirely unprotected, she isn’t!)
  19. I like how the monsters sneak out of the forest so gradually as Bella is.0005 seconds far from obtaining eliminated by Laurent. Certain, take your sweet time!
  20. Bella recognizes, as a fact, that actual vampires exist. She doesn’t make the link concerning Jacob and his «pack» after huge wolves terrify off Laurent? Jacob is dropping hints left as well as right here, Bella.
  21. OK, so currently the «wolf’s out of the bag» and Bella is hanging out with hotheaded, incredibly unstable, unsafe wolves. Definitely no warnings here.
  22. Poor Charlie is so unaware concerning whatever. He’s trying his best though.
  23. You can state what you want regarding any one of the movies however these soundtracks slap.
  25. Oh, as well as additionally the waters are exceptionally unpredictable? Actually bad choice to jump.
  26. A minimum of we obtain this odd scene of Bella as well as Edward drifting like ghosts in the water. Truly charming.
  27. In some cases I actually intend to such as Bella as well as Jacob with each other, however he is just so freaking hostile. I uncommitted if he’s a wolf. It’s simply bothersome actions as well as I can not support it.
  29. Ugh, as a person that was devoutly Team Edward back in the day, it’s been so tough making it through the film with such little Cullen action!
  30. «Bella, werewolves are NOT excellent company to keep.»— Alice Cullen, speaking the absolute reality.
  31. Why would Jacob answer the phone in Bella’s house? It makes no sense! Currently Edward thinks Charlie is preparing Bella’s funeral service.
  32. Jacob’s activities are unforgivable if you ask me. He would certainly have provided her the freaking phone if he genuinely cares about Bella the way he claims to. Duration.
  33. The manner in which Edward simply straight-up crushes his cell phone is rather amusing though.
  34. OK, so Edward assumes Bella is dead. We know she isn’t, but Edward is currently on his way to get killed by the Volturi!
  35. Every one of this remarkable irony has me like, «huh, this is some Romeo and Juliet level nonsense». And then I resembled wait! At the very beginning of the motion picture, Bella wakes up from her nightmare next to a duplicate of Romeo and also Juliet!.?. !! Stephenie Meyer, you wicked, foreshadowing genius.
  36. I love exactly how rapidly Bella as well as Alice reach Italy. Just an informal girls’ journey!
  37. DAMN Edward looks rough. How can a vampire— an animal that doesn’t sob, consume, or rest— appear like they have not eaten as well as have sobbed themselves to sleep for the past week?
  38. Yes, Edward, Bella lives! It actually feels like there is a less complicated way this could have been developed.
  39. Oh, I neglected that Dakota Fanning remains in this, LOL.
  40. I enjoy just how the Volturi dress as well as live like. every vampire trope that has ever before existed. I’m not even being ironical though, it’s gaudy as well as enjoyable.
  41. Uh oh, the Cullens have actually been caught damaging a very crucial vampire legislation. People are NOT supposed to understand about vampires!
  42. Ugh. I missed broody, angsty Edward a lot.
  43. I remember viewing this motion picture as a 13-year-old as well as thinking that the battle scene with the Volturi was outright peak cinema. honestly it still is.
  44. As well as equally as promptly as they reached Italy, they’re back in Forks. One hundred percent credible.
  45. «Leaving you was the hardest point I’ve carried out in 100 years.» Well it certain really did not seem all also hard, Edward!
  46. Charlie is just one of the best characters in this entire series as well as he is so abused. I’ve said this prior to and I’ll say it again: JUSTICE FOR CHARLIE!!!
  47. It’s truly bothersome how quickly Bella can just forget how Edward entirely ABANDONED her. Do we require to rewind to the catatonic window scene again to remember exactly how broken she was?
  48. OK, so now the Cullens have elected to turn Bella into a vampire. Edward does not accept. Truthfully what does he expect? Keeping her human is just not useful for a lot of reasons. Edward is simply being unbearable with this «I don’t wish to take your heart» rubbish.
  49. «You’re NOT gon na be just one of them, Bella.» Why worldwide does Jacob assume he should have control over Bella’s body and also life? Why does Edward?
  50. «Marry me, Bella.» Screen goes black. When I tell you that 13-year-old me was yelling I am not overemphasizing! What a great means to end an absolute work of art of a motion picture.

Alright, there you have it! New Moon has a noticeably different vibe from Twilight, though the adolescent angst is stronger than ever before. Are some moments cringey and difficult to enjoy? Yes. Is the angst a bit self-important sometimes? Yes. Is it a work of art? YES!

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