I attempted a brilliant device that eliminates your split ends at home as well as every person requires one in their life

Quite simply, it cuts stray hairs that have actually grown beyond your regular length– probably damaged split ends– without eliminating from the body of your hair. The equipment itself is rechargeable as well as cordless, as well as features two spacers; one 1/4 inch trim, and one ⅛ inch trim, which are important for achieving an accurate cut.

As anticipated, you do need to completely detangle your hair before using the maker.

I ‘d never previously become aware of a maker that eliminated split ends up until one was made use of to cut my hair at a hair salon, and since, I’ve been looking low and also high to get my hands on this intriguing device to tone up my hair in the house.

A fresh cut without leaving the convenience of my very own house? Did it seem also good to be real? I intended to find out!


I’m for life in search of long, luscious hair. While I know much shorter hair is in style and looks impossibly trendy, after four years of short hair, paired with its frizzy nature, I’m trying to find a change. I normally get trims every 2-3 months which maintains my hair healthy and balanced, and I make use of deep conditioning masks weekly, in some cases over night. I likewise haven’t had highlights in over a year which has assisted me manage the length and quality of my hair.


I went to the stylist 2 weeks ago for my common trim, but unless you go for a big cut, pesky split ends generally linger. I try to avoid heat as long as feasible by only straightening or crinkling my hair once a week, along with using a restorative hair mask weekly.

In spite of my trim, I can still see some rogue split ends, so this is the ideal opportunity to assist me maintain my hair between cuts, without endangering its length.

I start by thoroughly combing via my hair, utilizing my reliable Tangle Teezer. The hair leaner has to be cleaned via your hair to reduce the split ends, so it’s essential your hair is knot-free prior to you start.

Next off, I divide my hair into 4 components. Taking a little section of hair (smaller sized than you would for a curling wand) I comb downwards with the maker. It could seem like a blender is about to strike your hair, but rest assured, it only reduces at the ends.

It takes around 20 minutes to finish trimming my hair, yet it can take longer depending upon your size and thickness. The results are, obviously, immediate. Due to the fact that I combed my hair ahead of time, it looks a little fluffier than usual, yet it’s visibly smoother as well as cleaner at the tips currently as a lot of the split ends are currently gone. I would certainly suggest just occasional usage though, to guarantee you don’t slim your hair.


This maker actually is life-altering if you’re aiming to keep your hair looking fresh without shedding inches at the beauty salon. Understandably, it does not get rid of each and every single split end– but it does dramatically neat the suggestions as well as assist to keep it in a healthy condition. It’s additionally an outstanding device to utilize alongside your regular journeys to the hair stylist, and I certainly mean to use it every couple of months from now on.

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