If you selected the Brazilian hair removal, forget about bashfulness– the procedure looks like a visit to a gynecologist

Women in the East have been getting rid of hair in the intimate area for centuries, however this type of hair removal is called not the Iranian, yet the Brazilian epilation. Why did it take place?

Things is that it was the Brazilians that supplied the Americans to experience new feelings by eliminating hair in this area. Fashion has pertained to us– today an increasing number of girls accept deep epilation. She discovered just how as well as why to do it.

In New York in 1987, 7 sis from Brazil– Josley, Joyce, Janey, Giussar, Zhdurasi, Judsey as well as Jonis Padil– established the J Sisters International beauty parlor in Manhattan. Many thanks to them, the globe learned that in Brazil, where ladies put on not just swimwears, however actually scraps of cloth rather than them, hair elimination is done just like that. European and also American women not only did not respect what the intimate zone looks like, yet the hair was removed only in the “swimwear zone”, that is, in the location where they look out of panties. Here, it was proposed to get rid of all the hair– not only on the pubic location, but likewise in the intimate zone. What for?

“Brazilian hair removal helps to feel attractive and stylish,” claims the youngest of the siblings, Jonis. “Without her I do not also want to make love with my very own husband.” The stress of sexual sensations can be discussed by the reality.

However, just how dangerous is this from the perspective of the physiology and also hygiene of the genital body organs? According to Elena Anatolievna Milyukova, gynecologist of the medical center “Ecopark”, there is no physiological injury from total exfoliation of the genital organs:

“Many individuals have actually been eliminating hair in this zone for centuries as well as doing it for hygienic reasons. Nature offered them as defense, when there was no laundry. Now such protection is not needed. ”

Yet what regarding the security of the elimination techniques? Let’s consider the fundamental.

Handling the concern

The easiest is shaving. A good method is that it is constantly offered, it is bad that the hair starts to appear the next day, as well as from consistent shaving they end up being stiffer as well as darker, and expanding, they give pain in the most delicate area. The lotion is additionally made use of, yet several decline it, since it aggravates the mucous membrane layer.

“Laser hair removal, unlike various other methods, eliminates hair forever, without stimulating hair development,” states Elena Aleksandrovna Vlasova, dermatologist-cosmetologist, Zdravitsa.– The time spent on the procedure relies on the depth of the bikini (bikini line– from 30 mins, deep bikini– from 75 minutes). To attain the effect, it is needed to conduct a minimum of 3 treatments with a period of 2 weeks.” This approach is fairly expensive– from 2000 rubles per treatment.

Again, in terms of the cost of wax strips and razors, which we spend even a year, can make and also fail to remember a lot more rewarding. Nevertheless, the manner in which the Brazilian provided, and continues to be one of the most sought after thus far.

Signed in Brazil

The most preferred method, turned to by ladies who seriously chose that Brazilian hair removal is what they need for a high quality life,– bioepilation, or shaving.

Those who make a decision to do this treatment in the beauty salon, you require to forget about bashfulness– a session of the posed positions and instability looks like a browse through to a gynecologist.

A great method is that after elimination of the hair, you do not need to stress for about three weeks, and also subsequently they expand light and also slim. Epilation is done either with cozy wax– it is gotten rid of with paper strips, or hot, which tenses on the skin and is eliminated by hand.

“There is no question of entering the infection,” Dinara Lisova, a beauty consultant at the Beauty and Health Center Leleia, makes sure.– All devices are disposable. Yet there are restrictions: two days after the procedure you can not see the sauna, swimming pool, swim on the coastline, put on narrow underwear– the follicles are still open, and it is much better not to expose them to the risk of infection from outside. ”

You can and you can not

Contraindications are any skin breakouts in the groin area, the days of the cycle do not matter, although it is claimed that the tenth day after the beginning of menstruation is the most suitable for those that are afraid of pain– it is marginal. Generally, pain is an essential issue in bioepilation. Certainly, the intimate area is much more delicate than the very same legs, whose epilation does not bring enjoyment. However pain can be experienced: “The even more regular the treatment, the less agonizing it comes to be– the hair expands slim, it’s much easier to burst out,” states cosmetologist Dinara Lisova.

In addition to discomfort, ladies are worried concerning the trouble of ingrown hairs: after mechanical elimination, hair has a tendency to change its growth angle, parallel to the skin and grows into it, forming pseudofollicles that are vulnerable to suppuration. In the depth of the intimate area, this usually does not occur– there the skin is really tender, however in the bikini and pubic area it can take place. Knowing about this danger, it is almost immediately after– a couple of days after the procedure– to begin routinely making use of soft exfoliating agents in the area of hair elimination to thin the skin and tidy the follicles, providing the hair the chance to burst out.

Epilation of the feet at residence with wax strips is mastered by several as well as functions well in it. Is it so easy to carry out hair elimination treatments in the intimate zone on your own in the house? You can try, yet there are two big inquiries, which, maybe, will make you think– is it essential? “First of all, it’s difficult to eliminate hair in the intimate zone totally mechanically, so because you require to extend the skin especially, as well as since you will not have the ability to see them all,” the cosmetologist shares. — Secondly,

as it ends up, ethically a couple of are willing to injure themselves, and also can not make the right efforts, therefore distressing the skin. ”

Bioepilation intimate zone, beauty salon “Leley”– from 800 rubles., Salon “Scarlett”– from 900 rubles.Electrolysis, salon”
Alliance-studio “– 10 rubles per 1 min of work.

If everyone agrees that hair in the swimsuit zone, especially in the coastline season, is just essential to get rid of, then the question– whether to concur or not to deep hair removal– is to be decided not just by you, but additionally by collaborating it with your sex-related partner. Currently this procedure is becoming extra preferred and popular, and also it is rather possible that soon “Brazilian” hair elimination in Russia will certainly come to be the very same norm as in Brazil.

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