In beach cosmetics, safety cosmetics are a lot more important than attractive cosmetics

Make-up musicians have a concept– beach makeup, however it has more to do with professional shooting in the open air than to travel to “Boomerang” on Saturdays. Taking sunlight baths in the residential setting is suggested without ornamental cosmetics– tidy skin tans equally, without irritations as well as discolorations.

But the girls are so prepared that they can not head out to the beach, where the spiritual high qualities go to the history, eclipsed by physical invoices, where enchanting associates typically take place, they can not be “unsightly”, and also consequently they apply cosmetics in spite of whatever.

Just how to do it properly, found out the reporter of SE.

Do not obtain tired of repeating dermatologists and beauty therapists: protective cosmetics on the coastline are more crucial than ornamental, and if you obtain a sunburn, then no lipstick will certainly not distract the view of others from the peeling off red spout. On top of that, the “fried” dried skin looks older– and that wants to add years to himself?

So, let’s speak about just how to enhance on your own on the beach. Let’s begin with protective procedures.

Always available

Sunscreen needs to be taken with you– it is inadequate to use it as soon as before leaving residence: “Do not fail to remember that any treatment, despite a high safety element, does not last greater than 2 hours, after which it requires to be renewed,” remembers Ekaterina Lebedko, a cosmetologist center of charm “Sante Estetic”. If the item is not water-proof, after that apply it to the areas subject to burning, after each swim.

What defense element to pick? All the same, on the coastline it ought to go to the very least 15-20 for swarthy and also prepared skin and also about 30 for light individuals, says the beauty therapist.

Defense element below 15 is made use of in case of short remain in the sun, in urban problems as well as people with already tanned dark skin. The face security factor need to be higher for a face– it gets on the face that the major “sunstroke” happens.

By the way, Catherine warns that for the face as well as for the body you need to choose different means: do not blot totally with the contents of one jar– facial as well as body lotions vary in make-up and also can cause allergy in one area or another, or merely not act in the right procedure.

Butter, cream or cream take with them to the coastline– relies on your individual choices, the distinction in between the funds just in the structure. Not everyone suches as the sensation that the skin is hot on the heat, besides, it is much better not to make use of oil for the face skin– it is cumulogenous, blocks the pores. Degreased cream appropriates for those that have oily skin, susceptible to swelling, particularly after exposure to the sunlight. Sun block helps everyone well.

Switch off shade

Currently let’s talk about just how to embellish the safeguarded skin. Way, which we pointed out above, need to end up being the basis for make-up as well as even change tonal creams as well as powder, at the very least it is recommended by Victoria Panafidina, the stylist-make-up musician of the studio “Uniton-Style”: “A dense layer of cosmetics on the skin can trigger irritation and” flow “.

Radiate on the face on the coastline serves, as well as the other way around– matte powdered skin will certainly search in conditions near natural, weird. You can tint your eyes utilizing waterproof mascara as well as eyeliner– even if you are not going to dive, in the warmth, common mascara often starts to smear and stream.

“Cream flush and darkness in the sunlight appearance very great, yet you require to remember that they easily glide down, “advises Svetlana Dunaeva, the leading stylist of the design firm Status. “Therefore, it is much better to utilize all-natural, light shades, the offense of the honesty of the layer will certainly not be so noticeable.”

In general, the use of bright, abnormal night shades in coastline make-up is not proper– repainted dolls that came not to romp in the sun and delight in life, however, pushing their lips securely, dodging sprinkles, I wish to persuade and clean to relax. All-natural nude makeup shades will assist to look great and also “unadorned”.

The lips should have unique mention. They too can obtain burnt, specifically since they do not have sebaceous glands to secure the fragile skin.

“It is better to make use of sparkle or lip balm on the beach,” warns Panafidina. — Colorless or all-natural berry shades. ” Matte thick lipstick dark shades, of course, on the beach is not the area.

What to do when you return from the beach? It is great to clean the face, shower and moisten the skin correctly overall body. In a collection of solar funds most often there is a lotion after sunbath, it would not be unnecessary to utilize it. Or any cream– on the skin of the body it can be used a number of times a day. We have a brief summer, do not go to the beach as a work and also invest 8 hours in the sun.

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