In the fashion for hair shade, Novosibirsk hangs back the globe fads for many years

Trends in the stylist’s art, probably, are the farthest from the people. If the clothes, thanks to the focusing on lightning rapid reproduction of “rapid fashion” brands like Zara or Mango, descend from the platforms to our streets practically immediately, then the usual form of the bang can be changed by years.

The correspondent of SHE figured out from hairdressers how swiftly the globe style in the area of hair shade pertains to our roads and also what shade options are most preferred amongst Novosibirsk ladies. As well as likewise– that in the coloring of the townspeople, the experts are specifically upset.

School of Slander Responding to the inquiry about just how promptly globe fads in shade get to the masses, interviewed stylists name the terms from 6 months to 2 years. “Basically, interest in the trend begins to materialize when it is officially replaced by one more,” states art supervisor of the beauty parlor “Kamiy Alban” Andrei Kovalev. — People are primarily traditionalists. Lots of still believe that if you do highlights, then clearly pronounced, with white red stripes– therefore still half the city. Understanding that melirovanie has actually long been to be all-natural, shielding the primary shade of hair, comes extremely gradually. ”

“Our primary difference from European nations is that they focus on naturalness.There, people treat themselves much more conveniently; we try to be extremely charms every min.

In Europe, much less women usually dye their hair, as well as those that repaint, choose all-natural tones, “- commented the top-master of the picture lab” Persona “Valentina Chichkova. “In Europe, they listen more to the master relative to style fads, but we have the reverse: the client determines, the master works:” I want white hairs and also absolutely nothing else, “believes Andrei Kovalev. “That’s the problem.”

If, as usual, to use urban standards, then, according to observations of beauticians, from Peter we differ drastically. “Peter in terms of attitude to style as well as look– almost Europe,”– describes Valentina Chichkova. As well as from Moscow– either do not differ whatsoever, or differ a bit extra prejudice in the speed and also primitiveness of the remedy. “If, as an example, talking about grown-up ladies who are repainted in red, in Moscow it will certainly be a lot more muffled, worthy tones. At us– red. That is, we select brighter colors and, certainly, it is not always appropriate, “claims Nadezhda Miroshnichenko, hairdresser-designer of the Yunna beauty parlor.

Gentlemen like blondes Paint, about which much more jokes are made up than about all political leaders integrated, is the primary cost in hairdressing beauty parlors. The reality that the blonde is one of the most preferred shade, assemble in almost all salons. According to the experience of Valentina Chichkova, girls typically imagine becoming pale and also pearly blondes; according to the experience of Andrew Kovalev– golden-haireds pearly, gold or a la Marilyn Monroe.

On the 2nd area, according to the statistics of hairdressing hair salons, are dark “natural” brownies. “In the last number of years, many are repainted in chocolate shades; colored golden-haireds go back to an extra indigenous dark tone, “claims Nadezhda Miroshnichenko. “I’m happy that there are more good natural tones over the last number of years,” claims Marina Lapkina from the Vinyl beauty parlor. — Light brown, chocolate, ashy tones in our hair salon lead in appeal among clients.

Burning– in spite of the color-type– the redheads, on which there was a boom a number of years back, luckily, stays ever less. ”

As well as, lastly, in third place in appeal– gold chestnut tones, also describe nature– for girls older and red– for radical young people.

Razorha– on their heads

In verdict, the reporter of SHE asked beauticians to name the most usual mistakes when dyeing hair. The most popular technique– developing into a cold blonde– was identified as well as one of the most risky. “If you choose a color that you can not economize on, it will be a platinum blonde or a blue-black brunette,” warns Mr. Kovalev. — There are 2 possible end results: a stunning, pricey view or a complete collective farm. There is no happy medium and you can just deceive on your own. To be repainted in a gold blonde is safer– the shade is rapidly cleaned to the all-natural. ”

Generally, the issues of colored hair coincide for all colors. The option of a color with an infraction of the color-type (also honorable dark delicious chocolate can “wipe” the face of a fair-haired girl by nature with soft brows and eyelashes). Second of all, the infamous dryness, monotony and also various other agonizing signs.

The last hair stylists cross out not just for the obvious reason– insufficient treatment, however also on a too uncomplicated strategy to staining.

“I commonly see that individuals, especially those who paint themselves, with less than professional shades, apply too inflexible approaches where a qualified stylist would have come softer,” says Nadezhda Miroshnichenko. — The very same chocolate shade for women who do not need to repaint over the gray hair, you can achieve shading with shampoos, and not with aggressive paints. “

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