In the summer warmth, you need to hydrate your skin and shield it from the sun

Very numerous novels begin in the summer. Because the facial expression in the summer is kicked back and joyful— such that it is impossible not to approach as well as not to get familiarized.

It’s a pity that, except for joy, the water, air and also sunlight trigger difficulty— the skin dries, acnes appear as well as you need to conceal your face self-conscious. She discovered exactly how to care for the skin in the summer season.

Probably, the most vital minute, which must be born in mind in the summertime, is a photo-protection, that is, security from the unsafe results of the sunlight. Than it is dangerous?

«The best stress and anxiety for the skin in the summertime is ultraviolet irradiation of the solar range,» Irina Sergeeva, dermatovenerologist, family members medication center Zdravitsa, alerts.

Hiding from the sunlight

Ultraviolet rays pass through the deep layers of the skin as well as cause damages that manifests quickly as a sunburn, and also later in the type of an allergic reaction to the sunlight, acne Mallorca (blackheads developing after sunburn). Furthermore, damage triggered by ultraviolet, accumulate throughout life and also cause the development of premature skin aging— photoaging. »

What to do? «Depending on the phototype in warm, sunny weather, you require to choose medicines with a safety aspect of at the very least 30, as well as for light skin— 50-60,» says Marina Sakhnyuk, skin specialist, cosmetologist, Beauty Medical Technologies facility. «Usually, the protection that is readily available in day or tonal creams, even if marked with» SPF «, is not enough, so if you have a long remain in the sunlight, you can refrain from doing without additional sun blocks.»

In the summer heat, you need to moisturize your skin and protect it from the sun

We smear, tidy, smear once again Do not forget purification. It is needed for both oily as well as completely dry skin— dirt as well as secreted sweat do not extra any person.» High air temperature leads to an adjustment in the properties of sebum, which becomes extra fluid, causing a beneficial setting for the reproduction of fungi and microorganisms on the surface of the skin,» says the dermatovenerologist. — High task of gland leads to an increase in skin dampness, as well as unsafe compounds from the setting are maintained on it (exhausts of roadway transport are more crucial for Novosibirsk), which pollute and aggravate the skin. «

In the summer heat, you need to moisturize your skin and protect it from the sun

But I do not need to clean it 5 times a day— 2 procedures are enough: in the morning, to wash off the fat that has actually shown up throughout the night and also the remains of evening cosmetics, and at night— to wash off dirt, dust, oil as well as cosmetics. This also relates to completely dry skin— it must also be cleaned. According to Marina Sakhniuk, everyone requires water, cleansing without it approaches if the filthy recipe was smeared with cleaning agent, however did not wash it off, but only wiped it.

Normally, for oily and also completely dry skin, different ways for cleaning are needed: oily— light gels, typically with anti-bacterial impact, completely dry— milk for cleaning, thick, luscious preparations.

The sensation of rigidity after cleaning is fixed utilizing a tonic, also properly selected for the type and features of the skin. Complies with the application of the cream: in the summertime, you can not refuse the day’s treatment— it not just hydrates, however likewise shields against free radicals, microparticles of dirt as well as dirt. In order not to create discomfort, in the summertime you can alter the structure of the solution— as opposed to a thick lotion, take a degreased hydrating gel.


The 3rd essential factor of the summer season care program is hydration. You require to consume alcohol more tidy water, have thermal water in hand at the fingertips and also use it even to cosmetics— fatty skin ahead of time is much better to saturate matting napkin. In summertime, especially advised for various hydrating beauty parlor procedures, but peelings should be postponed until the fall. Place aside the cleansers with the peeling effect, with the fruit acids from which the skin is injured, becomes much more delicate to the all-natural results, so it is much better to use them when the sun is not so bright as well as not so directional.

Care: eyes are moving

Currently regarding cosmetics, exactly how to alter it in the summertime. We will make a booking that we are not speaking about room temperature level 20-22 ° C, however about the warm, when the thermostat’s column increases to 30 ° C. Let’s beginning in order. From the base, according to Svetlana Dunaeva, the leading stylist of the model company Status, you can refuse in such weather condition to stay clear of unneeded heat in the heat, or utilize a very light, gel base for makeup. Tone— liquid, we refuse from luscious structures, for a fat skin we take oil free agent, dry it is possible to tonify as well as with oils.

In the summer heat, you need to moisturize your skin and protect it from the sun

There is a feature in fluid tone— reduced overlapping residential or commercial properties, so to mask the noticeable troubles it deserves utilizing a proofreader, yet additionally fluid, not in stick. «For oily skin in the heat, a powder with a foundation effect is suitable, «suggests Svetlana.» It appears like a compact powder, yet is used by a damp sponge.»

From soft pencils for brows as well as eyeliner is far better to refuse— the lines that they used can «stream», so in the summer season, usage dry eyeliner for the eyebrows, as well as for eyelashes— resistant liquid.

For coastline make-up, of course, will need waterproof mascara, in the daytime in the city appropriate as well as ordinary, however high-grade, which does not fall apart. Lotion tones as well as blush in summertime appearance specifically excellent— they play in the sunlight. You require to recognize that they will not have to show off with them for long— they are slipping. If there is no strength to abandon the gloss, it is much better to make use of all-natural, light shades, the lubrication of which is not so noticeable. Colors of blush as well as lip gloss (dense lipstick postponed till autumn) must harmonize with each other, as well as this period prominent berry shades.

What in the end? Do not allow on your own melt and perish, utilize light all-natural shades in makeup, remember health! As well as summer season will certainly not end up being a torture for your skin, and also she will express joy with him in addition to you.

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