India’s biggest automobile maker is under probe over its EV catching fire

Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile manufacturer, is under the radar over a fire incident. A video has been circulating on Indian Twitter since yesterday (June 24), showing the company’s popular electric car, Nexon, in flames.

Responding to the video, Tata Motors issued a statement saying it is investigating the incident.

“A detailed investigation is currently being conducted to ascertain the facts of the recent isolated thermal incident that is doing the rounds on social media,” a company spokesperson said.

“We will share a detailed response after our complete investigation. We remain committed to the safety of our vehicles and their users…This is the first incident after more than 30,000 EVs have cumulatively covered over 100 million kilometres across the country in nearly four years.”

This, however, wasn’t enough for the government which has now ordered a probe into the matter.

The accident also adds to growing scepticism around electric vehicles in India where they have been grabbing bad press due to similar incidents, raising concerns around safety.

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