Interview with the world bodyfitness champ regarding sports, femininity and also food lures

Recently, the major” Iron Lady of the World “– the outright globe bodyfitness champion Anna Rasputnyak went back to Novosibirsk from Barcelona. A year before, Anna had actually currently collected mostly all feasible prizes( European Champion, World Champion, Russian Champion, World Cup victor)and this year became the absolute world champion.

As our fellow countrywoman with the development of inch (she stands in the classification to 158 centimeters) was one of the most sympathetically developed woman worldwide and also just how she copes with standard female weak points, the correspondent of SE recognized.

Anna, how such a delicate girl generated the idea of doing bodybuilding?

All of it started with a personal acquaintance with my fitness instructor Nadezhda Lobozina. We met when we worked in show business: we danced. Hope executed with presentation programs in the bars of our city. It had to do with 10 years earlier, back then Nadezhda was engaged in muscle building– as well as already was a champion of Russia. At one point, she kept in mind that I have excellent information for muscle building and that I have every chance of accomplishing success in it. I responded to that I such as to enjoy such competitors, however I did not have any type of desire to do it myself: it’s except me. Then we ended the conversation.

In December 2004, we saw each various other once more, and Nadezhda stated that a brand-new sporting activity showed up– bodyfitness. I did not understand what it was, at that time it was usually extremely few people know. Hope invited to see the pictures from the competitors. “You must like it,” she remarked. I after that visited her and saw in the publications: there are beautiful women, on heels, in jewelry, with hairstyles, make-up … Girls, unlike males. I immediately said “I desire”. And also since January 2005 has actually currently begun to educate.

In the eyes of a guy in the road, there are a lot of muscle mass in both, as well as there …

These are entirely various kinds of sports. In bodyfitness, the focus is not on the quantity of muscle mass, as in body building, however on the harmony of the figure as a whole. The percentages, the discussion of oneself, feminineness are approximated.

Do you consider your number womanly? Yes. My perfect is sports womanhood. For ladies who have never been associated with sporting activities and have been burnt out with substantial cellulite, this figure may appear like a masculine one …

Did you face the problem of urgently adjusting itself, as occurs to a lot of ordinary females?

Before the competition, professional athletes put on the body a special cosmetics

Definitely. For those involved in sports, contends in competitions, the peak of the form is simply for the competitors. Three days later it is entirely different people: ate, consumed– the kind is not the very same (before the competitors you can not also consume). When there are durations of off-season– in some professional athletes the difference in weight can get to 10 kilograms. Of which, obviously, there is likewise fat. But training includes an unique diet plan called “drying out”– when fat is lowered to a minimum prior to the competition …

Do you have to limit on your own in regular life, to diet regimen?

Any prep work for the competitors consists of stringent restrictions. Yet on the various other hand, if there is not, there will certainly be no outcome. This refers motivation. From the viewpoint of “simply to participate” in competitions I’m not interested. I’m interested in winning.

Are you not attracted to eat a bun or a candy?

To be sincere, I do not like rolls whatsoever. As for sweets: I understand that I desire a gold medal no much less. And also I can definitely comfortably pass the cake on the joyful table. Many people do not comprehend me. I recognize when you can, however when you can not. At the very same time when it ends up being “feasible”– I simply do not wish to.

Do you take any kind of special supplements that assist maintain yourself fit?

Healthy protein alcoholic drinks, amino acids, unique sporting activities nutrition– all this we use. But this does not imply that you can eat a tablet and also lie silently on the couch, and also the fat will thaw at the same time. The fat heaters are great only for getting energy for training. In order for the result, training needs to be combined with proper nutrition. If you proactively most likely to the health club and also there is thus done in a row– the impact can not be achieved.

Do you comply with all the policies of correct nutrition? You do not consume after six?

(Laughs.) Now, after the competitors, I wish to start following this policy. Actually I understand, that at night all eaten lays down a cargo and is not absorbed. It’s better to be starving, and also stand up and consume usually in the morning …

To win gold, you require to pick the ideal dishes

For breakfast, I such as to eat oatmeal porridge– one of the most straightforward, without sugar or sugar replacer. If you cut an apple or include frozen strawberries or raspberries, for example– I obtain wonderful pleasure. In the afternoon I consume numerous times, in 4-5 functions. I like chicken, fish, meat.

That is, you have a logical eating practices?

I hope, although sometimes it is challenging. Today, for example, I shopped, at the racks with a sweet sigh … and also walked past. In the daytime, too, it is not always feasible to have a treat with the best food. Occasionally, you eat delicious chocolate, and afterwards you recognize– as well as cravings is not relieved, and no excellent.

Anna, you are a lady with a strong will. Do you agree with the statement that guys are afraid of strong females?

No, give thanks to God, I did not encounter such. With my other half, I was fortunate– training with workouts, as well as family with family. We must have the ability to share these principles, and also change houses. Give thanks to God, I succeed.

Your little girl does not want to end up being a professional athlete?

She is now twelve. She enjoys equestrian sport, she did it in 2014. She is likewise keen on balanced acrobatics, she danced in the studio “Todes”. I never forced her to go in for sporting activities. I believe that you can not compel it in all. The important things is need as well as inner enthusiasm.

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