It took THREE hours to transform Margot Robbie right into a pox-ridden Queen Elizabeth in Mary Queen of Scots

Jenny Shircore is the Oscar-winning hair and make-up mastermind behind epic film, Mary Queen of Scots. The British musician, that was additionally in charge of turning Emily Blunt right into Victoria, was the force in charge of transforming Saoirse Ronan into the normally beautiful Mary Stuart as well as Margot Robbie right into a raw and also marked Elizabeth– both of which are testimony to Shircore’s distinct ability.

Right here, Jenny speaks with GLAMOUR concerning obtaining Margot as well as Saiorse right into personality and also the ridiculous quantity of hours it required to create the beauty looks. Plus, view the video listed below of Margot as well as Saiorse discussing their transformative appearances …

The makeup look needed to represent every little thing from their way of living, right down to what they consumed …

After investigating the duration, I worked really carefully with the outfit developer, supervisor, actresses as well as stars and after that we develop the appearances we want with make-up examinations as well as hair examinations before we actually get to the appearance that we want. I enjoy every part of the procedure.

I enjoy the study, learning about the culture, the people, way of living, what they drank and ate, exactly how they danced. The more research study you have under your belt when you enter into a film, the better understanding you have of every character. I additionally love the examination duration where you’re exploring and the enjoyment of shooting.

Margot had NINE wigs …

Saoirse as well as Margot both have to go with the exact same process where they have makeup and also hair tests and afterwards the wigs are made. Margot had up to 9 wigs and Saiorse had 2 with a lot of hair items so they need to endure all that and appreciate it. For this movie, I wished to do a particular point with hair especially for Saoirse due to the fact that normally when you see paints of Mary Queen of Scots, you don’t see her hair, she wears a very tight headpiece.

I took license for Mary Queen of Scots and gave her even more fancy hairdos. With Saoirse, I functioned extra in the hairdressing look because we preserved her as a girl all the way through lovely fresh looking skin however with Margot we had a selection of wants to develop. We start with her young after that she has tiny pox as well as after the tiny pox, she’s marked by it so we have numerous make-up looks and after that we go into the hefty white appearance that she’s renowned for.

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