It’s Dumb, yet We Had to Know Whether That Heartbeat

On The Bachelor’s subreddit, user u/canadianbettycrocker uploaded an exchange they had with their cinema sound professor after wondering if the heart beat sound was fake or real.

The professor’s solution: yes, it’s potentially the genuine heartbeats, however probably amped up in postproduction. “It does seem like it could be a real artifact of their hug as well as a lav mic pushed in between their bodies.

Plus, that individual must be stressed out. The reality that it was left in the mix, likely means that they punched it up a little in blog post. A nice method to employ the cliche of a heartbeat (which is greatly overused in cinema to reveal the anxiousness of lead characters).”


Among all the producer control noted on Peter Weber’s period of The Bachelor, one aspect is simply plain silly: the heavy, loud “heartbeat” audio result that’s played over a few of the season’s tensest scenes. Is the heart beat “real,” or is it just an audio impact added by producers after recording? While the show’s manufacturing group has never ever formally commented, followers on-line assume they’ve figured things out.

If this professor is proper, after that the heart beat noise we kept hearing is both genuine and also a little man-made. The mics utilized in the program’s production would evidently be able to pick up on a heart beat when pressed close to the upper body of an individual whose heart is beating noisally and/or promptly, however, just like a lot of things on The Bachelor, it’s a purposeful selection to overemphasize points for significant impact.

Bear in mind, whatever on the program has been gone through production to craft the narrative they most intend to tell, so it makes good sense that every information, to what is and also isn’t left in the sound mix, is geared toward those exact same objectives. Just as manufacturers can include dramatization by changing the real “plot” of the show (see: putting all 3 women in the same suite for Fantasy Suites week to increase the dramatization this period), they can add drama to the completed episodes by choosing what target markets will certainly concentrate on in terms of what they see and listen to.

It’s yet one more pointer that the “truth” of The Bachelor isn’t quite the unfiltered reality they would certainly like us to think!

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