Jamie Oliver’s campaign to quit convenience food advertisements aimed at youngsters

Jamie Oliver’s campaign to stop kids being ‘bombarded’ with processed food adverts has gone viral— as stars rally behind his most current campaign.

Stars including Amanda Holden, Claudia Schiffer and Richard Branson have shared pictures of themselves covering their eyes on social media as component of the #AdEnough project.

The celebrities— who likewise include Fearne Cotton, Paloma Faith and also the cast of Cold Feet— say the only ad-blocker that youngsters presently have is covering their eyes.

Chef Jamie, 45, is now calling on the government to introduce a 9pm watershed on junk food advertising on TV, and also for ‘correct controls’ on what adverts youngsters see online.

Jamie Oliver's campaign on to stop children being 'bombarded' with junk food adverts has gone viral, as celebrities show their supportÂ

Jamie Oliver’s project on stop children being’bombarded’with junk food adverts has gone viral, as celebrities show their assistance

Amanda Holden shared a selfie of herself covering her eyes, along with her daughters Hollie and Alexa. The stars suggest the only ad-blocker children currently have is covering their eyes

Pop star Paloma Faith has also shared a selfie in support of the campaign, posting 'I'm with @jamieoliver'

Pop star Paloma Faith has actually additionally shared a selfie on behalf of the project, uploading ‘I’m with @jamieoliver ‘Explaining his project on his blog, Jamie said:’Kids are bombarded, day-in, day-out, with adverts for food

and also drink items that are high in undesirable fats, sugar as well as salt. They’re on-line, on television, on the streets as well as all over public transportation.’

He continued: ‘It’s time we put child wellness first. I’m calling for the federal government to introduce a 9pm landmark on processed food marketing on television, and for correct controls on what ads children see online, in the road and on public transport.’

Lots have celebrities have been sharing selfies on social networks on behalf of Jamie’s project.

Model Claudia Schiffer also showed her support for the #AdEnough campaign, by posting a snap from SwitzerlandÂ

Fearne Cotton said she agreed with celebrity friend Jamie as she shared her selfie onlineÂ

Model Claudia Schiffer additionally showed her assistance for the #AdEnough project, by uploading a snap from Switzerland< img src =»https://bloomerg.ru/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/jamie-olivers-campaign-to-quit-convenience-food-advertisements-aimed-at-youngsters-3.jpg» alt=»Fearne Cotton stated she agreed with

Sir Richard Branson and his daughter Holly posted a snap of themselves to show their support

celebrity buddy Jamie as she shared her selfie online» > Fearne Cotton said she concurred with star buddy Jamie as she shared her selfie online< img src =» https://bloomerg.ru/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/jamie-olivers-campaign-to-quit-convenience-food-advertisements-aimed-at-youngsters-4.jpg «alt=»Sir Richard Branson as well as his child Holly posted a snap of themselves to reveal

their assistance»> Sir Richard Branson as well as his daughter Holly posted a breeze of themselves to reveal their assistance Cold Feet actress Fay Ripley (front right) also shared a snap of herself with her co-stars

Sharing a snap of herself covering her eyes on Instagram, presenter Fearne created:’ I’m with my friend @jamieoliver. I’ve #AdEnough of children being bombarded with processed food advertisements.

‘It’s a fact that the even more unhealthy food ads youngsters see, the more convenience food they eat.

‘Currently the only ad-blocker they’ve got is covering their eyes. We require the federal government to act.’

Other stars to have backed the campaign include Tom as well as Giovanna Fletcher and Star Wars star Mark Hamill.

Fellow chefs Rachel Khoo and also Melissa Hemsley have actually likewise thrown their weight behind the campaign, together with former Great British Bake Off participant Chetna Makan.

Star Wars star Mark Hamill has additionally participated in the #AdEnough project

McFly’s Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna additionally revealed their support by uploading this selfie

Recipe book author Melissa Hemsley additionally shared this breeze to reveal her assistance for #AdEnough

Other cook Rachel Khoo shared this selfie as she took part in the social media campaign

Former Great British Bake Off entrant Chetna Makan shared this selfie as she backed the campaign

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