Jennifer Aniston simply put on a gown she swiped from Monica Geller’s wardrobe on Friends and it completely works

Listen, not every little thing in Friends has stood the test of time – some of the vulnerable manliness and off-key jokes do not sound terrific today – however one thing definitely has: the fashion. Well, 2 points actually, since we still fancy the Rachel Green – aka Jennifer Aniston – bob, yet it’s the clothing we’re keen to talk about right now.

Thanks to the rebirth of Y2K style – a pattern recreating the late ’90s style and early-to-mid 2000s fashion styles – we imagine that if we robbed the wardrobes of Rach, Monica Geller or Phoebe Buffay, we would certainly locate an entire host of pieces that we would certainly be eager to wear today – and to be truthful, we can consider great deals of points used by Joey, Chandler or Ross that we would certainly be pretty enamoured with too.

Certainly, for us, this is all just a dream due to the fact that we’ll never get anywhere also close to searching the on-set attire of any one of the Friends actors, which’s simply a reality we need to approve. The same can’t be claimed for Jen An.

In a current Instagram post with hairstylist Chris McMillan, Aniston can be seen in a very retro-looking dress, and it turns out, she snatched the item straight off the program’s collection, specifically from Courtney Cox’s closet. Now that’s what we call onward assuming.

This web content can additionally be viewed on the website it stems from.Die-hard followers of the program will likely acknowledge the black, floral v-neck dress with shoelace trim that Monica can be seen using in several episodes – both in the girls-turned-Bing-couple apartment or condo as well as Central Perk – yet if not, Jen made it rather damn clear on her Instagram that she ‘d kept the prop for herself.

After wearing it out, she shared photos to Instagram of Cox using the outfit on established as Monica Geller, asking her fans, “Does the gown look acquainted? Still got it!” She after that shared McMillan’s blog post, proving that it still looks terrific all these years later on.

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