Katy Perry threw pizza slices into the crowd during a recent club appearance

Katy Perry has disrespected my heritage as an Italian American woman who can’t cook. At a recent club appearance in Las Vegas, where she is currently performing her Play concert residency, the singer tossed pizza slices into the crowd.

If you’re thinking, that sounds like a greasy mess, you’re right. But Katy done did it anyway.

In a video posted by a fan account on Twitter (and, presumably, other places), Perry plates and then frisbee-style tosses a slice of pepperoni za to fans who are a good 10 feet away from her. The slice and the paper plate quickly become separated in the air, and both land in the space between the crowd and the DJ booth.

A no-man’s land, if you will (yes, I’m going through this frame by frame). This despite the fact that there are other, closer fans standing right behind her to whom she could simply hand the pizza.


Anyway, Perry quickly realises her mistake and smiles before turning back to the box. Still dancing to the music, she takes another slice, and this is where things get weird. Apparently, she thought the plate was the problem, because her next move is to fling the loose slice into the crowd with more force. It reaches its destination of clamouring fans… but at what cost? Certainly an outfit was stained in the process, and the food is surely inedible after the hands (and probably floor) it touched. More than that, I think everyone involved has lost a bit of dignity in the process, as well as the aforementioned disrespect to my culture (couch person).


It’s giving Left Shark. It’s giving “It’s one banana, Michael. What could it cost, $10?” But most of all, and I’m sorry to go here and I’m certainly not drawing any comparisons between them ideologically, but it reminds me of this.

Is she a menace or just kooky? Depends on your lactose tolerance, probably. If you or someone you love has been hit by a rogue cheesy pie from Katy Perry, contact Cellino Law. You may be entitled to a settlement.

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