Kim Kardashian Says Kanye West Is “Not Political, So He Doesn’t Really Dig Deep Into What’s Going On”

Kim Kardashian made a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, where she discussed her current meeting with President Donald Trump, which led to the launch of Alice Marie Johnson from prison.

Kim discussed how she came across Alice’s predicament on Twitter and also really felt a connection to the 63-year-old female, that was offering a life sentence without parole for a newbie nonviolent drug crime.

Kim showed up thoughtful as well as concentrated throughout the chat, the story had not been without a dashboard of Kardashian prestige, as she shared how she was taking component in a naked image shoot when Trump called and had to quickly slip on a robe to speak to the president.

Kimmel likewise pressed her to review her spouse, Kanye West, who’s been extremely open in his support of Trump recently. Kim explained that she thinks Kanye’s appreciation isn’t concerning policy. “He likes his individuality as well as how he made it to be president when everybody actually underestimated him.”

She went on to make clear that Kanye is “not political, so he doesn’t actually dig deep into what’s going on.” See the whole chat for yourself over, then advise yourself of a few of Kanye’s debatable comments.

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