Woman in the Panther’s Skin

The most classy fur layers in this period are “branded” with ornament and painted “under unique animals”. Defenders of the animals are upset about the instance, yet with the defenders of people, you can additionally concur– without hair things in Siberia in the winter months to live hazardous.

Just wrapped in the skins or run from residence to house in the sheepskin coats do not want the ladies, provide them light, soft, not constraining activities, yet ideally humiliating the guys’s mind and also heart trendy hair coats.

Or fashionable sheepskin layers. It is preferable to look expensive and like in publications on the celebrities, yet were budget friendly. The chances for understanding these desires and also the fashion fads of the hair season were recognized by the correspondent of SE.

Fur layer and sheepskin layers are points that are purchased seriously and also for a long period of time, passing from season to period and going through significant modifications stylishly. However, every year brand-new products turn up: they will invent a brand-new manufacture– also softer, they will certainly paint in unforeseen colors, then several of the hairs will be declared one of the most relevant.

For instance, a surprise for several was the warranted popularity of fur coats from the Mouton. Psychological of the majority, this hair is associated with the smell of naphthalene or at the very least with something antique and formless. ” Many people are shocked when they go into the shop as well as see hair coats from great draped hair, with a silhouette flying like furs,” says Olga Filatova, manager of the Mouton Lux chain of shops. ” This impact is attained with the assistance of brand-new handling modern technologies, many thanks to which the skin ends up being especially soft and also light.”

Famous world developers use this season a number of topical attractive hair services. This is a laser burning accessory, paint fur in a bright, abnormal shade and applying prints, frequently sensual, “leopard or zebra.”

Lady in the Panther's Skin

Novelties also touched on such a conservative, as we made use of to think, Mouton.” You can still buy traditional designs, however a lot of this period and also the progressive– proceeds Olga Filatova.– Unusual shades, replica of the coloring of wild animals– tiger, leopard, lynx. On the hair, patterns with accessories are applied, the “ridges” are symbolically depicted, as on the clothed skins. ”

Fur coats from Mouton, “Mouton lux”, from 15 thousand rubles
Coats from Mouton, “Melita”, from 14 thousand rubles

Couple of did not discover that this winter season the absolute hit is a mink. ” The actual queen of women’s hearts is, obviously, a mink! — the deputy general director of the Liloti chain Ruslan Lotarev makes certain. — After all, an elegant hair coat from a mink not only highlights the prosperity of its proprietor, however also demonstrates its taste. According to producers and vendors of hair products, the age of customers of standing coats lowers from year to year, as well as even very girls take care of to understand their imagine a mink fur layer. Prices do not bite too much. ”

Genuine leader– a classic variation of a smooth, sheared mink, monochrome– black, dark brownish, grey or white, flared brief layer, a rigorous layer or short jacket with a hood. New things, such as drawing animalistic prints and laser firing, touched this fur.

 Lady in the Panther's Skin

” In Novosibirsk, there is a great demand for a colored mink with laser processing,” states Ruslan Lotarev,” along with timeless designs that are” out of time and style. ”

Hair coats from mink, Liloti, 50-150 thousand rubles Mink fur
coats, “Balu”, 48-170 thousand rubles

In the shop “Balu” SHE reporter was informed what is the distinction in between a winter months natural leather layer and also a sheepskin layer. In the initial, the skin and hair serve as a lining to the skin and do not always come from the very same animal. Sheepskin layer is a one-layer hair coat sewn from one skin. Both that, and also another this period is relevant. One of the most popular variation of the top of the natural leather coat is lacquered, with replica of python skin.

Sheepskins in this season are preferred with curly fleece, fitted or copying a jacket-plait. If we talk about color, it is more effective to all-natural– sand, ocher, brown, off-white shades.

Cuffs are huge– occasionally a fur lapel gets to the arm joint. The waist underlined by a belt is another sign of a season. Belt in sheepskin coats tackles special value, it aids to preserve the elegance of the silhouette and is usually made hair or leather with all kind of ornamental inserts..

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