Lili Reinhart gets her very own Sliding Doors in Netflix’s brand-new film

Have you ever wondered … what if Lili Reinhart place her own spin on Sliding Doors! Well, we’re concerning to find out. The actor celebrities in Netflix’s upcoming Look Both Ways, about a young woman, Natalie (Reinhart), that finishes university as well as promptly has an infant with a good friend … or doesn’t.

If she adheres to one path, she transfers to Los Angeles to be an illustrator and hook up with a hot actor.

If she takes another, she’s a mother in Austin. Everything rest on the results of a pregnancy examination. Wait, is this a dramedy or a horror movie?

Content This content can also be viewed on the website it stems from.In addition to Sliding Doors, the two-paths movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow, this multiple-timelines framing device has actually also been used by the Idina Menzel music If/Then as well as, a lot more lately, the short-term NBC drama Ordinary Joe (although because show, which was type of a mess and I loved it, a guy’s life divides three means).

Actually, Natalie bears a striking similarity to Ordinary Joe’s pregnant-at-the-end-of-college blonde Jenny.

Like, look! Same hair!

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