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List of elegance treatments that can damage your wellness. Experiments that individuals placed on themselves in the name of elegance, amaze with ruthlessness. The most well-known instance is, maybe, the leaden whites with which the attractive women of the Middle Ages efficiently brought themselves to the tomb.

A little less known is the hair removal in the US in the initial half of the 20th century with the aid of X-rays, which took many lives.

We stay in a lot more examined and also educated world. Right here, horror stories concerning preferred cosmetic treatments in most cases do not obtain evidence– given that whatever is done appropriately.

On the various other hand, almost any type of cosmetic treatment, as physicians stress, can be potentially harmful in instance of deceitful efficiency. SHE figures out which procedures need to be approached specifically seriously and also thoroughly.

Appeal shots

Assist: Mesotherapy for the face– a shallow introduction of complicateds of medications that boost the regrowth of the skin. “Botox” as well as “Disport”– preparations based on botulinum neurotoxin, momentarily “turning off” the muscle mass in charge of the development of wrinkles. All treatments in recent years are thought about as a choice to plastic surgery. The effect lasts approximately 6 months to a year.

“The initial amongst potentially hazardous in poor-quality efficiency– all shot treatments,” remarks Olga Golodnikova, a cosmetician at the Estomed Center. — So, poor-quality collaborate with mesotherapy can be expressed in the incorrect choice of medicines, which consequently can lead to an allergic reaction down to anaphylactic shock.

As well as with inappropriate management of the drug can be an obstruction of capillary up to cells death. Naturally, these are unusual reactions, yet still possible. ”

Allergic reactions to Botox are not likely. As unconfirmed scary tales in the press, reports distribute that he is drying his skin. “I’m tranquil regarding Botox, except and also not against,” commented dermato-venereologist of the Center for New Medical Technologies, candidate of clinical scientific researches Dmitry Kozhevnikov. — The only “but”– one can not confidently speak about the lasting effects of making use of the drug, which is made use of for only 10 years. Until now no problems, I do not see. Low-grade drugs, incorrect performance is an additional matter. ”

The basic viewpoint of cosmetologists: the most awful point that can occur with an unsuccessful shot of “Botox” or “Disport”– offenses of faces, which completely go away in a few months. Right here, nevertheless, you require to make a reservation that it is a failing of a doctor that utilizes an accredited medication in medical conditions– “unlawful” experiments are unpredictable.

As well as, ultimately, we have to not fail to remember that any kind of offense of the integrity of the skin– and this is shots, and deep peeling, as well as permanent makeup– can result in infection if sterility is not observed.

Battle tinting

Assist: Permanent make-up (tattoo)– an aesthetic procedure in which a dye, slowly disappearing for numerous years, is introduced right into the upper subcutaneous layer of eyelids, eyebrows and also lips.

“Permanent makeup need to be executed on contemporary devices with high-quality materials– preferably European makers. If the cost of the zone, as an example, eyebrows below 3,000 rubles– ought to be pricked up, “- warns Anna Borzenkova, a skin doctor as well as cosmetologist at the Sharm facility.

Substandard materials, if they do not lead to an allergy, can corruptly transform the shade, transforming cool tabs right into shocking green strokes.

Even with high-quality efficiency, an excessively brilliant tattoo can ultimately end up being a resource of emotional as well as physical itching, not physical. With a request to change or get rid of the tattoo made in various other centers, according to Anna Borzenkova, consumers often transform (it is possible, however expensive– to get rid of bothersome makeup with a laser sets you back concerning 1000 rubles per square centimeter).

Brush to radiate.

Reference: Chemical peeling is a procedure in which acids eliminate the top layers of the skin to ensure that young cells take their location.

Like “elegance shots,” chemical peelings are an extremely hostile treatment, calling for a cosmetologist with a higher medical education. A specialist error right here can bring about marks or enhanced coloring (the risk of remaining erratic increases in summer season, when a cleaned face is almost difficult to conceal from the sunlight).

If you do not get to anti-aging heavy artillery, even the typical cleansing of the face, conducted wrongly, can worsen the situation.

“Cosmetologists are going to deal with acne with local cleansers rather than sending the customer to the medical professional and to disclose the causes of the disease,” comments Dmitry Kozhevnikov. — As an outcome, the plants is spread throughout the face. It has been said lot of times that peels off and the like are accomplished only on the skin, not susceptible to intense inflammatory responses. ”

Hot cigarette smoking

Some ladies include a solarium in the checklist of “basic grooming”– in addition to a cool hairstyle and also manicure. Which allows us to recognize it as the most harmful cosmetic treatment. “You require to utilize the solarium very meticulously, after consulting with the doctor,” states Margarita Zabramskaya. “Strongly it is impossible for those who have numerous birthmarks.”

“In my point of view, a solarium can be made use of only in small dosages to obtain a charge of vivacity in our north latitudes, yet not in order to get a southern tan. Many articles have actually currently been covered this and also lots of seminars have been held, “states Dmitry Kozhevnikov.– And the final thought is one: to anything, besides the very early aging of the skin and neoplasms– including deadly ones, it does not.

A lady who is intensely sunbathing from the age of 20 will, by the age of 30, discover severe issues that are practically not responsive to correction: when mechanisms of loss of wetness, skin aging are already begun, it is extremely challenging to quit them. ”

What to do?

Each of the severe cosmetic treatments has an impressive list of contraindications. Practically for all, the usual duration is lactation, maternity and menstrual cycle, but they are much from exhausted. Having researched this list yourself, it is preferable to hear it once more– from the doctor-cosmetologist.

Propensity to allergic reactions (in this case, initial drug tests are needed), the basic problem of the organism– all this ought to trigger the specialist a keen passion. “If the cosmetologist easily consents to all the treatments you desire, and does not ask numerous inquiries– this is a reason to be alert,” states Olga Golodnikova.

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