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Girls start small dogs because of isolation and also envy of man’s self-respect. One amusing lady called them “dog probes”– however the proprietors firmly insist that they have everything truly: mind, honor, principles, inquisitiveness– simply in an extremely little body.

In Novosibirsk, the style for Yorkshire terriers as well as various other crumbs happened 3 years back. This is confirmed by breeders, and monitorings with the nude eye: in the last number of years, women with pets in coffee residences, clubs and for one reason or another shoe stores have actually come to be remarkable personalities. The reporter of SE found out the rate of the question and the secret factors for developing it either as a good friend or as an accessory.

Historical barking It is physically bearable to use as a canine clutch as much as three kgs. A Yorkshire terrier. Yorkie withdrawn in the late XIX century in England. An explanatory story for those who consider them to be sissies will certainly be the tale of the Smokey Terrier, that revitalized in the middle of the twentieth century in the United States a faded style for Yorkies: a pet dog, picked by an American pilot, underwent battle with him, participated in combat sorties, elevated the morale of fellow soldiers by different techniques as well as was glorified by the press as the tiniest soldier of World War II.

Yorks, burnt out on a citizen, also have their benefits: they are comparable in personality to “real” big terriers as well as virtually do not drop. Russian plaything terriers (short-haired as well as long-haired) were reproduced in the USSR in the middle of the twentieth century when they tried to recover the type of English toy terriers preferred in prerevolutionary Russia. Chihuahua– formally the smallest type (from a record 500 grams to 3 kilos)– roots in pre-Columbian Mexico.

Paradoxically, on sneezes, not only the good example of golden-haireds in the law of Elle Woods is consumed, yet likewise the good example of ruthless as well as tragic guys– Mickey Rourke.

“What is the distinction between a chihuahua and also a huge canine? Nothing! — the proprietor of the baby room “With the Tushino House”, Irina Tushina, giggles. “I’ve been reproducing the Staffordshire terriers for fifteen years, and then it ended up that the sneeze was Stafford in miniature: excellent personality, punchy, nothing to be afraid, ready to combat!”

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“Puppies chihuahua cost from 10 to 30 thousand rubles, some are sold and also a lot more costly,” Irina Tushina remarks. — 10 thousand rubles is a pet-class young puppy, an animal favored, and 30-40 thousand rubles is a program course, a puppy with an exhibition future. ” A pup of a Yorkshire terrier, as Natalia Kalinina describes, the proprietor of the kennel “Siberian prestige”, costs 25 thousand for a pet-class as much as 50 thousand for a program class.

The beginning of the style for small dogs 3 or 4 years back was marked by the appearance of the first zoosalons, which use hairstyle services and other elegance, and Yorkies make up the primary customers. Manicure, which includes not just trimming as well as brightening claws, but additionally nail art with varicolored varnishes in the salon “Dude”, according to the cost on the official website, it costs regarding 700 rubles. Exercise on the treadmill– 15 rubles per minute.

In preparation for the event, pets are used not just a haircut with designing, but likewise health facility therapies: kicking back massage, nourishing mask and more.

Spruce up a princess in a frilly in a frill will certainly aid in several pet shops, nonetheless, many knit and stitch sweaters, dress, tracksuits as well as hats to order dogs. It is worth a pink blouse on average from 500 rubles and nearly to infinity.

For Paris Hilton

Any proprietor of a tool or veal dog at least when coveted the owners of a pocket variation. With the “typical guard dog” will not be enabled into the shop (in the typical supermarket for a loaf and yogurt), and also leave the dog at the door for various reasons unpleasant (a person is afraid of the canine, a person– for passers-by). As well as the extremely idea that small dogs can most likely to the commode in a tray, like cats, in some cases plunges the proprietors of various other types into anxiety– especially on a chilly and stormy fall night.

Nonetheless, it is difficult to deny that the popularity of lap dogs is provoked not only by benefit, yet additionally by TV (plus the social shiny in gloss).

This is not the first time that media make a type popular. Prior to that, there were collies motivated by the movie “Lassie”, Airedale terriers from “Adventure Electronics” as well as labradors who should say “thank you” to our ex-president. None, nonetheless, was so near to the living device, which they bring in addition to the bag and enhance the shade of their shoes.

Breeders do rule out that job as a design for crumbs is distressing. “They are interested and also horribly loving,” describes Ms. Tushina. — Therefore, sit on the manages of the proprietor as well as look at the globe for them happiness. ” Obviously, below, too, you need to know the measure. “Yorkshire terriers are really moving as well as cheerful pets, so it’s not extremely natural to sit with a doll for them,” warns Natalia Kalinina.

“It can be presumed that at the level of the subconscious lady, which is continuously revealed by a small dog, it is driven by a particular envy of the phallus, which she attempts to make up.

Among the products that replace the phallus– a car, a smart phone– and also the pet can proceed this collection,– commented psychotherapist Alexander Butskikh. — If we speak about the demo of power and also the fantastic possibilities that all these phallic icons bear, the pet dog is particularly efficient here. Unlike, for instance, an expensive phone for the same 30 thousand rubles, it additionally calls for a consistent investment of cash. ”

By itself, the appeal of smaller types, which customers started to favor to big dogs, shows social stability. “Stability for a substantial component of the population has already come, that is, there is no need to expect any kind of unique changes,” Alexander Butskikh clarifies. — In the 1990s, the globe changed both in terms of brand-new opportunities, and in terms of brand-new dangers– as well as in vogue were dog-bodyguards. Currently individuals have cooled down, as well as this can be mapped in the choice of tiny and also serene dogs. Plus, isolation is increasing, the culture is being atomized, in which straight links are broken, and also for that reason the wish to discover a secure companion is all-natural. “

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