Trying to find boots, without leaving the computer

The off-season is a challenging period: slush, after that the sunlight, warming the pavement during the day, until the summertime feels. One pair of boots is clearly crucial.

You will concur, just how pleasurable it is to walk along the soft veil of yellow completely dry fallen leaves, drowning the clatter of heels, in thoughtfulness to lead it round with a round toe of trendy ankle joint boots …

The propensities of this autumn: minimalism, restriction and in comparison to it some theatricality. In addition to standard high boots, “Cossacks”, ankle boots, boots as well as boots are still relevant.

SHE offers the directory of fashion shoes “Autumn-2007” from the collections of stores in Novosibirsk.

Botilions 3290 rubles., Corso como,”Askania” Bootillions 2850 rub., Emilia Estra, Emilia Estra Boots 3490 rubles., Sona,”Askania” Boots 3875 rub., Mascote,”Giotto” Botilions 5850 rubles., K+S, Emilia Estra

Boots 1420 rub.,
Berconty, “Giotto”

Boots 5740 rubles., Destina,”Askania” Boots 3450 руб., Emilia Estra Boots 3990 rubles., Lisette,” Rossita” Boots 2890 rubles., Lisette,”Rossita” Boots 3350 rub., Emilia Estra, Emilia Estra Boots 3590 rub.,
TAMARIS, “Rossita”

Boots 3450 rub., Sailase, Emilia Estra
Boots 4640 rubles.,
Corso como, “Askania”

Boots 4450 rubles., Corso como, Rossita
Boots 5530 rub.,
Picolinos, “Askania”

Boots 5820 rub., Liska,”Askania” Boots 3750 rubles., Anna Pereena, Emilia Estra Boots 2720 rub., Sona,”Askania” Boots 2590 rub., Lissete,”Rossita”

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