Lukashenko Urges Supporters to Defend Belarus Independence

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Sunday spoke in front of a crowd of fans at a rally in central Minsk asking to safeguard the nation and also its freedom.

As mass demonstrations proceeded versus his rule, Lukashenko spoke on the resources’s Independence Square, informing advocates: “I called you here not to defend me … however, for the first time in a quarter-century, to defend your nation as well as its independence.”

” If we submit to them, we will go into a tailspin and also will never maintain our aircraft,” he said.

” We will certainly die as a state, as a people, as a nation,” he stated, as protection team stood close by with his adolescent kid Nikolai.

Lukashenko called the rally in advance as the resistance motion asked for across the country “March of Freedom” protests and tens of thousands collected in Minsk.

On a close-by road, his challengers screamed “Leave!”

The strongman that has ruled Belarus for the last 26 years is encountering the greatest obstacle to his leadership from an expanding demonstration activity fanned by a ruthless cops suppression.

” I’m not a follower of rallies but alas, it’s not my mistake I had to call you to aid me,” the 65-year-old stated as some 10,000 supporters shouted and swung nationwide flags “Thank you!” as well as “Belarus!”

Wiping his brow, the head of state, standing at a platform in a short-sleeved t shirt, insisted on the legitimacy of last Sunday’s governmental poll in which he declared victory over popular resistance candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

” The political elections stood. There can not be more than 80% of votes misstated. We will not turn over the nation,” he claimed, as Tikhanovskaya has asked for fresh elections after the official count gave Lukashenko 80% and also her 10%.

He referred to the nation’s background as well as the successes of his rule.

” We constructed a sovereign independent nation for the first time in our history,” he stated, thinking back concerning the “challenging years” of the 1990s.

” What do you desire currently?” he asked fans.

He cautioned of a risk from bordering NATO countries in addition to from the opposition motion asking for new elections, as the crowd yelled “No!”

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