Luxury Train To Moab Makes Overnight Stop In Glenwood Springs

After years of preparation, a deluxe train flight to Moab will certainly soon be a reality, and the initial U.S. route for Canada-based Rocky Mountaineer.

” They were searching an area within the US to do a brand-new route. They normally have courses in the Canadian Rockies, and also they were extremely delighted concerning a course from Denver to Moab with an over night in Glenwood Springs,” stated Lisa Langer, Director of Tourism Promotion for Glenwood Springs. “We were worried in fact when COVID struck this whole suggestion could be trashed this whole concept might be gone.”

The Rocky Mountaineer wasn’t hindered as well as relocated full speed in advance for strategies to introduce a sneak peek season starting next August. The two-day journey will certainly offer cyclists the choice for 2 one-way paths; one runs from Denver to Moab with an overnight in Glenwood Springs, the other runs from Moab to Denver, with an overnight in Denver.

A ticket will certainly cost you $1,200 however Langer states to think of it like a complete cruise.

” The real train route itself it’ll be a good slow-moving train and also they have glass automobiles so there are observation autos throughout! That’s all they have are these lovely observation automobiles as well as you get wined and also eaten on the train so it’s truly like taking a cruise ship on the rails,” claimed Langer.

For Langer, the most effective part is that despite which course you select, Glenwood Springs will certainly be the mid-way point.

” Huge, it’s significant. It’s a video game changer really,” she said.

Langer has actually been working tirelessly to discover ways to assist the community recoup. Businesses in Glenwood were struck hard by the pandemic, as well as just as they started to climb out, they were hit with a major forest fire: the Grizzly Creek Fire.

” That is enough to maim any person with a pandemic and then to have a fire on top of it? This will really rejuvenate and re-energize tourist for Glenwood Springs.”

While it might be hard to think of taking a deluxe train ride in the center of a pandemic, it might be simply what individuals need when it launches in August. Langer expect it will attract worldwide interest.

” The Rocky Mountaineer has workplaces right beyond London, they’ve obtained offices in Australia, so they’ve got sales groups all over the world and also people are actually excited concerning taking the train.”

The preview season will certainly range from Aug. 15 via Oct. 23, 2021 and also have 40 separations over 10 weeks.

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