Master class SHE: with braids stand (photo-report)

Spit, where we … dtsat years ago dreamed to get rid, along with from various other characteristics of childhood years, with age obtain an increasing number of appeal.

Difficult weaving can turn a lady right into a touching Lolita, or perhaps– right into a Russian appeal, an unusual Amazon or a difficult socialite a la Grace Kelly.

At the request of SHE, the master of the salon” Kamiy Alban “, Alena Dusmanova, showed 2 variants of hairstyles with pigtails, which can become both night and everyday. The initial option– for even more artistically totally free and bohemian natures, the second– for classy followers of standards.

All you require for the experiment– hair up to the shoulder blades, lacquer, barrettes as well as undetectable— as well as all set to help the girlfriend.

Comb the hair on the parting on the side. We designate a lock it is needed a temple from the side. We start to weave a simple spikelet, dropping to the back of the head. For a basic spikelet hair is split right into 2 equivalent hairs– a thin string from each is transferred to a large neighbor.

Lightly spray with varnish to make the pattern smooth. Do not tighten up limited! Particularly gently the plait behind the ears, to make sure that the form of the hairdo can be seen completely face. Adding spikelets to the hair growth line at the back of the head, we transform approach a little bit.

From the currently woven slightly stretch the hair, to give the hairdo a negligent shape … … and then we weave the pigtail-spikelets throughout– with a really thin plaster. From the ended up spikelet we stretch the hair with loopholes to offer the hair a ventilated openwork type. And after that, ordering a scythe for a number of hairs at the end, we pull the remainder upwards for a woodland of dishevelment. Repeat the entire procedure for the remaining fifty percent of the hair.

As an outcome, we must have 2 nicely”cluttered”pigtails. Artfully we lay the pigtail with a spiral as well as twist it with an additional scythe. Ways of laying, explains the master, a lot. We repair the varnish, invisibility as well as hairpin. Hands offer the”eyelets”creative consistency, hiding the barrettes. A prepared hairdo appropriates for an evening look …

… By the way, if you forget pulling the clasps and fraying(or go to it reasonably)– get the day alternative. For the second variation of the designing, even more timeless and classy, we brush the hair on an oblique parting as well as again we divide the

hair with the temple– as in the very first variant. This time we are weaving a much more complicated pigtail. We divide the strand into five equal parts. We start to weave 3 hairs in the center. To them the severe strands are woven, leaving under the closest order to them … … and after that– in a checkerboard pattern.

We remain to decrease, weaving new hair. Having gotten to the line of hair growth, we leave to the side, weaving the remaining hair. The all set crooked pigtail is slightly disheveled, somewhat”checking for toughness”private strands. Thanks to weaving in 5 strips, the braid ended up being large– currently we turn it behind

the ear into a”roll “. We repair the hairpin, invisibility as well as varnish, add design. “It became a lot more reserved, a timeless option,”the master discusses.”

The longer the hair, the much more magnificent the outcome will certainly look.” By the method, if you are not called to a social reception, instead of a stylish knot you can leave an unbalanced braid.

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