Mendelssohn’s March

Wedding hair salon “Svetlana” as well as a menswear shop for austere celebrations “Frant” present an image catalog of the couple’s gowns, in addition to versions of set sets with remarks by stylist Maria Lipatnikova.

A thoughtful photo of the pair is a chance to show in your outside look consistency as well as tenderness of relationships and also your character! The style, color and also appearance of the material of the bride-to-be’s outfit establishes the tone in the selection of the match and also tee shirt for the bridegroom.

Butterfly, vest or tie-plastron, echoing with the decor of the dress and the new bride’s ornaments fit or shade, will certainly assist to complement the photo of the pair.

The consistency of the picture is created by soft, cozy tones.Classic match of sand shade develops into an austere as a result of a collection of devices. The dress, 14 500 rub. Outfit, 4150 rub.

, waistcoat, bandana as well as plastron, 2500 rub. Elegant image, corresponding to the fashion fad of using shiny materials in bridal gown. The outfit, 16 500 rub. Three-piece suit, 7200 rub., plastron and handkerchief, 800 rub.

The bold, flawlessly matching photo of the groom and bride mirrors an innovative take a look at the wedding event. The bow on the gown sympathetically appears like a bow tie. The dress, 16 500 rub. Three-piece match, 11 400 rub. , butterfly, 450 rubles.

A traditional mix that constantly looks rigorous and also pricey. Devices are laconic– a whitesatin bow in the new bride’s hair as well as a black satin butterfly. The gown, 15 000 rub. Three-piece match, 8800 rub.

, plastron and also bandana, 800 rub. The contrast of colors is black and white. Such a gown will certainly continue to be in your memory for a long time and also will make a dash. For the extraordinary and impudent bride-to-be.

15 000 rub. A classic cream-brule costume constructed from real shiny textile incorporatedwith the bride’sgown of azure shade will certainly create a harmonious image ofthe pair.

Three-piece fit, 8800 rub., plastron as well as bandana, 800 rub.An extravagant image that will be the focal point throughout the celebration. It is ideally combined with the bride’s dress, in

which there is a decoration of red color. Costume, 6000 rub., a butterfly and a bandana, 550 rubles. The diplomat’s wife at a get-together. Rigorous shape in combination with uncommon straight folds. 18 500 rub. A lavish white outfit, embroidered with shoelace, will certainly match any woman– this silhouette will certainly stress consistency or, as a matter of fact, will conceal shortcomings. 17 500 rub. A homage to the classics is a three-piece fit made from splendid glossy fabric, a”black and white”mix with a shirt in tone, however a lighter color. Prior to us is an actual male!

Three-piece match, 8800 rub., plastron as well as scarf, 800 rub. Cold colors, surprisingly positioned accents. Exquisite waistcoat and also plastron are matched to the tone of the outfit. Costume, 7000 rub., plastron, waistcoat and also handkerchief, 2500 rub. A dress with an overstated waistline as well as a multi-layered skirt. The highlight of the outfit is affixed by a bow under the breast. 16 500 rub. The traditional model is a lavish skirt constructed from gas, embroidered with rhinestones Svarovski bodice. In this outfit, each bride feels like the queen of the ball.

35 000 rub. Eternal classic for these gents. A win-win option, if you want to specifically emphasize the solemnity of the wedding ceremony. Coat, 9000 rub., butterfly, 450 rubles. Classic black trousers are matched by a waistcoat and a plastron with a fascinating structure of the material. A bright image for self-assured males. Trousers, 950 rub., waistcoat, 1700 rub., plastron as well as scarf, 800 rub. One of the most interesting designs of outfits is the”mermaid”. Appropriate for any type of season, efficiently resembles withopen shoulders, and with bolero. A special luxury will certainly be offered by a trainand also lengthy

handwear covers. 15 500 rub. Flowing shape gown constructed from all-natural silk, decorated with Svarovski stones. In this dress the new bride will feel like an actual Greek siren! 16 500 rub.

Perfectly integrating ensemble. An unusual style of the waistcoat fabric, sympathetically selected plastron and bandana provide uniqueness to the classic outfit. Outfit, 7000 rub. , waistcoat, scarf and plastron, 2200 rub.

Fresh, calm as well as unified photo, a traditional mix of soft all-natural colors. A waistcoat and also a warm color are matched inaccordance with the tone of the suit. Outfit, 4150 rub., scarf, waistcoat and also plastron, 2500 rub.

The hit of this summertime’s season is short bridal gown. Marriage is not pampering, but wedding style is fairly an additional matter! 12 000 rub.

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