Millennials on Exhibit at the Russian Museum

New products fulfill brand-new modern technology, street art and also personal dreams at the new event at the State Russian Museum dedicated– for the very first time in its history– exclusively to the works of Gen Y artists.

Called ” Millennials in Contemporary Russian Art” and also organized by the gallery’s Marble Palace, the exhibition is an attempt to create a cumulative imaginative portrait of a generation. On screen are works by more than 40 St. Petersburg musicians made in different styles as well as different techniques, from painting and also sculpture to graffiti, videos as well as installments.

The names of a lot of the musicians are popular to the general public in St. Petersburg. Works of Pokras Lampas, Asya Marakulina, Maksim Ima, Antonina Fatkhullina, Konstantin Reshentikov, Ivan Tuzov, Yegor Kraft have actually been presented in a variety of galleries in the norther resources and also far beyond.

The exhibit in the Marble Palace has no special motif. Rather, the managers have actually selected 3 trends that they have identified with Gen Y musicians: vibrant explores new products and brand-new innovation; reflection on deeply individual memories, fantasizes or is afraid; as well as setups of visual art in public locations to enhance public visibility as well as obtain closer to their target market.

” Hand 45-55″ (Movement collection), by Alyona Tereshko Courtesy of Russian Museum” This generation– the 30-year-olds– is probably the most tough to fit into any kind of official classification,” said Alexander Borovsky, head of the Newest Trends Department of the State Russian Museum. “Like no other, this generation makes use of an immense diversity of methods, topics, categories and also styles,” he told The Moscow Times. “When the Russian Museum opened our division and we started dealing with contemporary art, the museum was whatever to the artists– gallery, fairy, doubter and cops godmother done in one. During that time there was no infrastructure, no exclusive galleries, as well as no expert as well as competent managers. Points are very different today,” he included.

A probably unexpected aspect of the show is that there are basically no recommendations to present affairs, from sex problems to social disorders as well as politics. “This is deliberate. The managers wished to display skill as well as imagination in their pure types, and also socially or politically charged art is just a different matter,” Borovsky claimed.

The millennial musicians commonly trying out brand-new products. “The Union of Earth and also Air” by Antonina Fatkhullina is a striking sculpture, where round ceramic shapes are in bold comparison to angular metal cable. Alexander Paramonov uses needlework for his piece. Ivan Tuzov created a mosaic panel, yet his fine scholastic technique is lightened by the subject: Mickey Mouse as well as Cheburashka. Konstantin Reshetnikov created “vegetable” bullet coverings in the shape of garlic and radishes on a crushing and transforming maker.


” Mickey and also Cheburashka,” by Ivan Tuzov Thanks To Russian Museum The exhibit has actually already made background: for the first time in the history of the State Russian Museum, the curator entering descriptions of the art work into the gallery’s data source had to enter a variety of new materials.

New modern technology is likewise famous at the event, albeit with a certain generational angle. “You require to bear in mind that millennials still keep in mind a dial rotary telephone from their childhood, and also they were being presented to digital technology and the net during their teens and also later,” manager Maria Saltanova informed The Moscow Times. “They can see the globe through an offline and an on-line lens, which implies there is a particular duality of believing … state, utilizing a computer system program and afterwards including feeling.”

For example, in her graphic jobs Alyona Tereshko sensuously discovered the movements of her very own body. Asya Marakulina created a classic variant of a school gown of her own production, with “Well done! You obtain a 5!” embroidered in red on the breast. The phrase, an educator’s compliment on the top mark, is familiar to lots of generations of Soviet-born schoolchildren.

Ivan Plushch’s painting, titled “Immortality No. 5,” is part of his Immortality Promise series, where he ponders the timeless subject of everlasting life. “People have actually been imagining immortality as well as long life for as lengthy as humankind has existed, now it feels like we get on the verge of a scientific innovation which would certainly make it actual– or virtually actual,” the artist stated. “The blue agitate the paint is a symbol of a comfort zone, maybe a virtual one, where an individual can get a specific degree of eternal life. The surrounding commercial landscape is serious reality that all of us merge which we need to shield ourselves from.”

” 7 Civic Positions, “by Fyodor Khirosige Courtesy of Russian Museum Pokras Lampas, who tosses a bridge in between modern-day calligraphy and also street art, is one of the greatest names at the event. He stated that the brand-new innovation is becoming significantly vital for his art. “I invested the winter months researching new technology, particularly– neural networks,” Pokras Lampas said. “My instructor and advisor is no longer an additional artist, it is a faceless computer program, and also ideas originates from electronic estimations.”

Although 2 works were done especially for the show, Saltanova stated they did not commission anything for an excellent reason. “We wished to showcase patterns in their all-natural kinds, rather than asking the artists to illustrate a topic or approach for us,” she stated. “That means we ‘d danger giving the show the feel of a studio display. A gallery is a breathing establishment, as well as it must be able to transform itself to stay modern.”

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