Mind-blowing mystery films that will certainly have you on the side of your seat

While all of us need a rom-com or chick flick in our lives every now and then, sometimes we just need something a little bit more fascinating. There’s obviously the Agatha classics Death on the Nile and also Murder on the Orient Express, but not all mystery movies are murder enigmas.

Take the 2009 movie adaption of Dan Brown’s bestselling unique Angel and also Demons, which sees professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) complying with a trail of ancient icons in order to stop the Illuminati’s lethal story against Vatican City. Or the 2003 motion picture The Life of David Gale, which centres around a revered death sentence opponent that finds himself on Death Row.

Three days before his scheduled implementation, he agrees to give a special interview to reporter Bitsey Bloom (Kate Winslet).

There’s something about a good enigma flick that most of us like. Whether it’s the classic Agatha Christie investigator adaptions that controlled, well, the majority of the 20th century, or the a lot more contemporary nail-biting thrillers, we simply can not obtain enough of a fascinating enigma flick.

Maybe it’s the fact all of us love to play armchair detective, wearing our best sleuth personas and also desperately attempting to figure out the whodunnit before the grand disclose. Or maybe most of us just like getting on the side of our seats, letting ourselves be entirely submersed in the twist and turns of a psychedelic plot for a couple of hours.

But secrets do not necessarily have to be incredibly dark and also sandy. If you want something a bit extra lighthearted, try A Simple Favour starring Anna Kendrick and also Blake Lively (what a duo, right?), a mystery-comedy concerning a woman whose buddy all of a sudden vanishes.

Happy sofa sleuthing!

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