Navalny Says ‘Everything Fine’ in Message From Jail

Kremlin doubter Alexei Navalny quipped that “every little thing is fine” and made jokes regarding prison life Wednesday as he sent his initial message from a detention center outside Moscow.

In the message published on Instagram, President Vladimir Putin’s most popular critic stated he was being kept in the Kolchugino detention center in the Vladimir region northeast of Moscow.

” But everything is fine with me, there’s even a chin-up bar in the exercise lawn below,” he claimed.

Navalny was sentenced last month to 2 as well as a half years in a penal swarm for breaching parole terms while in Germany recuperating from a poisoning strike.

His message was posted after his support group saw him in the Kolchugino jail, where he is under quarantine.

Among his lawyers, Olga Mikhailova, stated he was expected to be held there up until his sentence entered into force which he was in an excellent mood.

” He’s feeling well,” Mikhailova told AFP, adding that Navalny was sharing a cell with 2 individuals.

“The cell has absolutely nothing other than a TV,” she claimed, adding that he can not receive letters or get anything behind bars.

Mikhailova claimed it was not yet clear where Navalny would eventually be offering out his full sentence.

A Moscow official had previously stated it would go to a prison in the town of Pokrov in the Vladimir region called Penal Colony No. 2.

In the light-hearted message, Navalny stated he was not familiar with what was happening on the planet and also has not yet managed to get any kind of publications from the prison collection.

” That’s why the only enjoyment is nouvelle cuisine experiments,” he stated, adding he and his cellmates were drying bread to make croutons.

Navalny Says Continuing Hunger Strike Despite Cough, Fever

” I am estimating the main data from today’s temperature dimension: ‘Navalny A.A., solid coughing, temperature 38.1’,” he composed, referring to levels Celsius, or 100.6 levels Fahrenheit.

” P.S. I am continuing my cravings strike, naturally,” Navalny said.

The opposition political leader is serving a two-and-a-half year sentence on old fraud costs in a chastening nest some 100 kilometres (62 miles) east of Moscow known for its severe technique.

His most current declaration from the nest comes after pro-Kremlin media on Friday released an offensive aiming to disprove his problems of persecution and also absence of medical focus.

Two records in pro-Kremlin outlets described Navalny as looking “fairly regular” as well as stating he is jailed in a nest that is “practically excellent”.

In his article Monday, Navalny said the reports had “not a solitary word of truth”.

As evidence, he composed that a third person out of 15 overall in his system had actually been hospitalised with consumption considering that his arrival at the penal nest in February.

” I am stunned that there is no Ebola virus here,” he quipped, adding: “such is our ‘perfect, exemplary nest’.”

Navalny was jailed on his return to Russia in January, after spending months in Germany recovering from a poisoning last summer that he criticizes on the Kremlin.

Previously this month, Navalny, that is considered a trip risk by authorities, filed 2 problems against prison authorities, saying he is woken eight times a night by guards announcing to a recording camera that he is still in his cell.

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