Netflix’s Teenage Bounty Hunters Has a TV-MA Rating For a Reason

They land in some tricky circumstances along the road, and also likewise to other Netflix shows like Sex Education, Teenage Bounty Hunters skews towards older teens as it explores grown-up themes not suitable for more youthful kids.

Netflix’s new show Teenage Bounty Hunters is a high-octane thriller dramedy that includes two stubborn, empowered, spiritual teens that literally kick butt … however the show is anything however teenage.

Set versus the backdrop of a conventional community in Atlanta, GA, it begins with twins Sterling and also Blair crashing their dad’s cars and truck, as well as in order to earn money to fix it, coming to be part-time bounty hunters for their mentor Bowser.

Whether it obtains restored momentarily period stays to be seen, yet in the meantime, we highlighted 6 things parents should keep in mind before deciding to see this show with their family.

The show measures up to its T-MA rating.The very first episode starts with Sterling and also her longtime guy Luke constructing out in an auto before losing their virginity to every other, while her twin sibling Blair obtains intimate with her own partner in one more automobile. The attractive scenes are specific and the conversations around them much more so.

There are numerous scenes of underage alcohol consumption, reckless driving, and deserting to a strip club. Sterling and also Blair’s unusual side hustle requires them to grow up quickly, subjects them to unpleasant characters, and also shines a new light on their town, their liked ones, as well as themselves that usually sends them spinning right into existential dilemmas. There are solid religious styles that overlap with the women’exploration of their sexualities.Sterling as well as Blair stay in a religious community and also come from a rigorous Christian family that attends church regularly.

Despite the conventional nature of their surroundings, they are sexually curious people that consider and also participate in pre-marital sex. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, maker Kathleen Jordan claimed,”Obviously sexuality as well as religious beliefs are not equally exclusive. Most American teenagers are spiritual, and also the majority of American teens are sexual as well as make love lives. So we intended to fix up that.”Sterling and Blair’s faith enhance as well as inform their experiences, and also they are established to maintain an open mind concerning just how to analyze the Bible.

Sterling especially enjoys being a Christian as high as she loves discovering her enjoyment, and also debates the Biblical interpretation on same-sex relationships to determine an additional lady’s rate of interest in her. It checks out social justice issues.Teenage Bounty Hunters utilizes its upscale and predominantly white readying to check out issues bordering race, course, and culture. For example, Sterling as well as Blair use their own opportunity to mete out justice in the town; Bowser is racially profiled since he’s Black; Blair recognizes her benefit when she makes presumptions about her partner’s history and her mom makes ignorant but sympathetic comments regarding dating a Black child. This sense of lack of knowledge is compounded by the community’s angry reactions to the decapitations of Confederate statues early in the season.

Bowser and also the sis try to capture the criminal because it’s their job, but Blair challenges her community’s willingness to maintain Confederate history as well as before her conventional grandparents, much to their dissatisfaction. And even though they’re compelled to give up the criminal to law enforcement, they let them behead one more statue in quiet uniformity.

There’s lots of action-packed physical violence– as well as discussion about guns.Bowser, Blair, as well as Sterling are not terrified to possess weapons and honestly fire at perps. While the scenes aren’t visuals, there are loud noises of gunshots that may catch younger audiences off-guard. Weapons are likewise a complicated subject in this show, as many otherwise every one of the characters recognize how to use them.

Blair is clear when she unwillingly goes hunting with her papa that she sustains the right to bear arms, however is critical of the NRA as well as using assault rifles. Seeing the casual use of weapons might confuse kids, as well as they may have a hard time understanding the effects of two teenagers discovering to use weapons like pros prior to they’re fo adultness. Taking the dispute an action additionally, the show also discovers the fundamental sexism in pop culture portrayals of gun ownership and also use.

Kathleen Jordan weighed in on this discussion and informed Refinery29, “While we knew it was a choice to have weapons in the show, we seem like a show starring boys probably would not obtain pushed back on that subject We see men firing guns in every single program and also no person actually raises a brow. It’s additionally sort of an allegory for their badassness.” Social network is a vital part of the show.

The teens in the show use TikTok and Instagram as teens would certainly, and Blair’s drunk Instagram tales get her in difficulty with her mother. The ladies additionally make use of such systems to bounty quest. They take advantage of cyber sleuthing to locate bail captains that’ve handled to hide out. In one instance, Sterling creates a fake account to send theperp a friend demand so they can access his profile and track his place– which might trigger a conversation concerning the dangers of social networks with children. The majority of the personalities in the program are required to keep secrets and lie.

Due to the nature of their side rush, Sterling and also Blair are forced to pretend they have tasks at a gelato shop. There’s a scene where they talk about just how they have to start coming up with alibis considering that they’re teenagers that still live under their parents’roof covering. In addition to hiding their bounty hunting, Sterling as well as Blair spread false reports around school to secure themselves.

Probably the greatest secret of the show revolves around their mommy, which leads the twins to think their parents are keeping secrets, also. This internet of lies as well as absence of openness puts a strain on their partnerships. Not just might this story puzzle more youthful viewers, yet they might locate it distressing that everyone on the program is not who they seem.

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