Novosibirsk medical professionals contact females to be extra careful in the health of genital body organs

«It’s so intimate!»— murmured Renata Litvinova in promoting the gel for unique care. Without a doubt, it is not accepted to discuss this— the bulk are satisfied with the information received from the mom in childhood years: it is needed to clean in the mornings and evenings with warm water and soap as well as modification underwears daily.

That’s exactly how we live.However, new ways for intimate health show up on the marketplace, pads for every day have become a continuous quality of women life, along with an infraction of the vaginal microflora.

«Hands off the vaginal area!»— advises those who think that you require to wash within, the gynecologist of the center «Ecopark» Elena Milyukova. The fact is that in a healthy and balanced microflora of the vaginal canal, the path to the uterus with unnecessary microorganisms is nearby lactobacilli, which secrete lactic acid.

Than to clean

Acidic setting of the vaginal area dispirits pathogenic germs, however if somehow, including when the soap option continuously gets in, the environment comes to be alkaline, microbes do not interfere with anything. Treatment of outside genitals with typical soap is stuffed with issues with the mucosa:

«Perfumed supplements in the soap can trigger allergies, irritation as well as completely dry the skin,» says the doctor. Gels for intimate hygiene are simply created to keep the mucous in regular, without breaking, so to speak, the acid equilibrium from the outside.

According to Elena Milyukova, the methods for intimate hygiene aid in combating damaging bacteria as well as preventing various diseases: typically gels have an antifungal result, they include essences of natural bactericides.

«If there is such a proposal as a means for intimate health, after that why not utilize them? — claims Marina Glushenkova, gynecologist of the medical facility «Catharsis». «Their use will most certainly profit females.» Likewise great are such products as napkins for intimate hygiene— they can be made use of in conditions when an ordinary commode is difficult: «Now there are napkins also for various ages— for women, for older females, for females of reproductive age— they are risk-free and comfortable,»— Dr. Glushenkova is sure. With a charm not to «climb up» into the vagina, gynecologists rely on douche enthusiasts.

» In no instance, if there are no certain prescriptions of the doctor, you can not syringe at personal request,» warns Elena Milyukova.— Washing out the microflora, you open the way to infections. »

Unique attention

According to the calculations of those that like to count every little thing, a woman invests 7 years of life in a state of menstrual cycle. And also if in ordinary days the hygiene of the genitals ought to be comprehensive, after that in the crucial you require to concentrate on pureness. Water treatments are advised not two, yet a number of times a day, without making use of detergents. «Blood is a hotbed for microorganisms,» says Dr. Milyukova.— Therefore, as often as possible, transform the gaskets, tampons choose according to the level of absorbency— no more, no less, to ensure that there is no intolerance. »

Despite the fact that makers assure the security of tampons, as well as time has disappointed severe problems with their use (created a tampon back in 1933 by an American doctor at the request of his other half), numerous oppose their use. At least— regular. Anyhow, they require to be changed every 4-6 hours, dry, if gotten rid of with difficulty, it is much better to leave so as not to disrupt the mucous membrane.

According to the gynecologist Marina Glushenkova, if you do not hold the tampon within, then there will certainly be no trouble. In the evening you can leave a tampon if you alter it precisely after 8 hrs, yet it is better to make use of gaskets throughout rest. Pads for every single day without the requirement (availability of excretions, whiteness)— usage is not essential— it is better to transform linen more frequently.

If you use this device, you do not need to walk with the exact same gasket all the time— alter them in 4-6 hrs: «Personally, I believe that gaskets with constant use can function as a microenvironment for the appearance of bacterial vaginosis,» says Marina Glushenkova.

Before and also after

Everyone understands that prior to taking intercourse, you need to shower— a minimum of later on, to ensure that it will be much more positive. Not everybody goes to the washroom after it’s over. As well as in vain— simply to wash the sexual organs from extreme lubrication is not difficult. It is worth going to the toilet and if there is no risk of infection, but various other diseases, for instance, thrush, often happen as well as apply the medication.

«I suggest using Epigen Intimus in an aerosol or gel after sexual intercourse,» recommends Elena Milyukova. «This medicine deals with the mucosa and avoids the introduction of candidiasis and also some viral conditions.»

It is necessary to bear in mind that none of these solutions will certainly not be saved from getting contaminated with unprotected intercourse as well as will not heal sudden viral illness. However as a safety net— they will fit you completely. Duplicating words of the medical professional: if there are such offers, as specially created means— why not use them? It will just be better.

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