Paris Hilton Is Releasing a Second Album and also We go to Peak 2000s Nostalgia

Splash News With aughts nostalgia at an all-time high (see: the return of newsboy caps, the second coming of Gilmore Girls as well as Curb Your Enthusiasm, the attempt to make Juicy Couture happen again), a newly bronde Paris Hilton is seizing the minute to revive her rather ill-fated side rush as a pop artist.

You may remember her 2006 song “Stars Are Blind,” which, regardless of a prevalent vital panning, apparently handled to make No. 18 on the Hot 100 graph. Simply joking, you definitely remember it and you probably even constructed out to it on a dance flooring as soon as after one way too many shots of Bacardi.

Hilton, that has a effective and also amazingly lucrative DJ career, assures this cd will certainly supply a really different ambiance than the candy-coated bubblegum pop of a years earlier. She informed TIME she’s presently working with a “entire new noise” that will integrate deep residence, techno-pop as well as electro-pop, which are obviously different points.

Hilton launched a solitary over the summer appropriately labelled Summer Reign, which was used to advertise the launch of her 23rd (!!!) perfume and has a similar sound to the one she seems to be defining. It’s tolerable, yet I’m still just mainly amazed of the truth that Paris Hilton has 23 perfumes with her name on them.

No better details about the album are available, yet you can bet as quickly as it’s launched, all of us exist in our Juicy sweats ready to listen to it.

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