Phillip Lindsay Explains Support Of College Football Season Cancellation

The NFL is investing some $75 million on COVID-19 testing, and that’s one reason Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay agrees with the decisions by the Pac-12 and also Big Ten to junk football this fall to the shame of lots of players and also trains.

” Honestly, it’s frightening. And for those children, they don’t have the methods that we have,” Lindsay stated. “They don’t have the cash to get checked each day as well as to have this: People come in right here and also clean it each day. And also you have a lot of youngsters that aren’t simply going to sit there and stay and pay attention in your home. They’re going to be all over, particularly if they’ve reached go to class.

” So, truthfully I saw it coming. Since it is real, as well as up until they can come up with (a treatment or injection) I do not assume those children need to play. I’ve seen individuals near me that had it that have actually remained in the healthcare facility for 7, 8, 9 days and it’s terrifying,” Lindsay stated. “And I understand where these kids are originating from, but at the end of the day it’s about being healthy and balanced, it’s about doing the right point.”

Lindsay grew up in Denver as well as is a huge Colorado sports fan. He’s watched super stars Von Miller of the Broncos, Nikola Jokic of the Nuggets and Charlie Blackmon of the Rockies all deal with COVID-19 infections and also he’s seen episodes shut down offseason football programs at Colorado State and also Northern Colorado.

The Big 12 and SEC are among the seminars still preparing to play football this loss, and also Lindsay isn’t certain it’s worth the danger because university programs do not have the cash to test like the NFL does nor can they bubble up like the NBA and also NHL have actually done.

” You’re just telling the kid to head out and play simply for our satisfaction. That’s not trendy.”

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