Pink hair is the renegade colour to think about if you elegant a modification

If you wish to try on your own at home, these are pro hair colourist, Josh Wood’s top tips:

1. Condition it

“Use a deep-conditioning hair mask prior to you are mosting likely to colour– it really aids with the porosity of your hair, hence offering a more also result.”

2. Test a spot

“Always do a patch examination (where you put the colour behind your ear) and ideally a hair examination (where you placed the colour on your hair) to examine you don’t respond to the colour. If feasible, leave this for 48 hours as well as attempt not to get it damp. If you have no adverse reactions, you’re excellent to go.”

3. Set up an obstacle

“To prevent hair colour staining your skin, apply a barrier lotion around your hairline. These aren’t consisted of in all home colour sets so you can use Vaseline.”

4. Section clever

“Use a wide-toothed comb to comb your hair beforehand; smooth hair means you won’t obtain globs of colour or missed out on spots. Split your hair into a “hot cross bun” i.e. four areas. Attempt as well as keep your areas cool, so you can track what components have been coloured as well as what have not. Section the hair as you go along, using the comb, and even the idea of the colour bottle.”

5. Dot it

“I advise using the “dotting approach” when using colour. Beginning by populating the colour on straight along your area parting and then pushing the dots right into your roots first for maximum coverage, being careful not to mistakenly massage the colour off. Then clean the colour through the sizes and also finish for the last ten mins, to provide a fresh coloured beauty salon finish.”

Want an extra subtle shade? Try grey hair, or possibly surf our gallery of blonde or brunette colour alternatives.

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