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Experts are stunned by the reduced culture of birth control as well as convince females not to be terrified of hormone methods. Women’s concerns of contraceptive pills were subjected during the presentation of the medicine business Bayer Schering Pharma— low-dose oral contraceptive «Jess»: fear of weight gain, development of the mustache, interference in the hormonal background as well as others.

The brand-new medicine is called a drug it is not unintended— except for the contraceptive result, «Jess» is recognized efficient in stopping acne and treating complicated forms of PMS. During the conversation of the advantages of the new solution, concerns emerged worrying the culture of oral contraceptive pill usage (OC) as a whole. The correspondent of SE tried to highlight some of them.

According to statistics, in Russia only 21% of ladies of abundant age are «covered» by birth control, and just 13% are hormonal. Specifically, this is due to inadequate understanding of both individuals and also physicians. On the concern of Professor Pasman, that of the gynecologists present at the conference personally uses the alright, only 5 individuals elevated his hand. «I am stunned,» the professor admitted, that talked a lot about groundless worries for okay.

«I really hope that the portion of abortions in this audience is much less than in the Novosibirsk area.» And also in the world of the issue, they do not go truly well— there are 46 abortions per 1,000 ladies, the ratio of giving birth to abortion, although it has decreased from 1.5 to 1.1 abortions for 1 birth over the last few years, still much from European data, where contraception covered 40-70% of ladies of childbearing age,

Abortion instead of the pill»Abortion for lots of individuals is still a very easy, budget-friendly procedure,» regrets the head of the division of the organization of clinical help of the Health Department of the NSO Marina Sviridova.— But the repercussions of this easy procedure are really extreme— inflammatory procedures, ectopic maternities, second infertility. Reproductive-auxiliary modern technologies are not affordable now— the cost rate of the subsequent, desirable pregnancies greatly increases «. Binds poor reproductive health and wellness indicators with abortion as well as reduced birth control and also household planning society and teacher Natalia Pasman:

«Whatever issues we evaluate: inflammatory, endocrine, hormone-dependent problems, inability to conceive, miscarriage, mother’s mortality— the main reason is the abortions carried out. As well as while women favor to have surgical treatment, as well as commonly— not one, than to consume some hormone tablet there. «

Taking hormonal pills is avoided by concerns. According to Professor Pasman, females are afraid of cancer, they hesitate to expand fat, they hesitate that they will certainly shed their hormonal history and start to expand a mustache. Worries did not develop from scratch— the first oral contraceptive pills appeared in Europe in 1960 as well as for a long time had a lot of adverse effects due to the reality that they were extremely dosed. Currently at the end of the last century there showed up OCs with a reduced estrogen material, for example, in Yarin, the medicine with the finest tolerability to date, includes 30 micrograms of estrogen, and also in novelty «Jesse» it in basic is 20.

And suddenly I will become pregnant?

If you have actually made use of interrupted intercourse or condoms all your life, it’s hard to believe that the spermatozoids released right into free swimming will certainly not have the ability to feed the egg. And also much more so if one of the most active substance in tablet computers has actually come to be also smaller. Just how do tablets work? Unfeasibility of fertilizing is accomplished by reductions of ovulation, increased viscosity of cervical mucus (spermatozoa simply can not penetrate via it) as well as a decrease in the sensitivity of the endometrium. Reduced dose does not influence the contraceptive impact. At experiments on the last generation of OK for 2128 ladies and 24 337 cycles, there were just 16 maternities. In this case, all those who became pregnant missed out on taking the tablets, and also continuously. With self-displined consumption you can have as well as unwind fun.

Suddenly I’ll get fat?

And from taking contemporary contraceptive pills you can actually get extra satisfaction. For instance, fat burning. If before the okay apprehended liquid in the body, now the formula allows you to withdraw excess water. Explores the last generation of OC showed that in uncommon instances the weight increases by an optimum of 2 kg because of enhanced hunger, it usually stays stable and there is an opportunity of reducing weight to 5 kg. The contemporary OC on the bust cells is very weakly affected, virtually without offering nagging and also pain, and also in some cases generally removes the signs of mastopathy.

Pleasant enhancements

As for the basic symptoms of PMS, when OC is made use of in the most recent generation, they are usually successfully eliminated. According to Professor Michael Hotel, who joined the growth of the birth control, studies have revealed that the lifestyle in women experiencing PMS has improved significantly with OC function: impatience, anxiety, and the production of endorphins-hormones of delight have actually increased. For those who have menstrual cycle, not just PMS, triggered a migraine, hormone contraceptives are suggested for the normalization of the cycle.

Due to the fact that taking tablets stabilizes the cycle, deals with the issue of amenorrhea, there might be a situation told by teacher Pasman: the client, accustomed to unpredictable menstruation, missing pills, just did not notice that she had actually become pregnant. She continued to consume alcohol OK until 35 weeks, ultimately gave birth normally. «We can conclude that it is not needed to disturb the maternity that occurred when taking alright, they do not harm the unborn child,» the teacher comments. «But, obviously, it’s much better to be attentive as well as at the first uncertainties quit taking the pills and most likely to the medical professional.»

Those that are afraid of mustaches, you can additionally not stress: okay normalizes the hormone background because of the antiandrogenic effect— that is, decreases the degree of male hormones, and also consequently, lowers the manufacturing of sebum as well as mostly reduces the look of acne as well as seborrhea.

According to dermatologist Olga Vylegzhanina, those low-dose okay, that have acne treatment suggested, can also be recommended to adolescent girls that do not live sexually to deal with acne.

Teacher Pasmann is sure that okay is a «hormonal prop for ladies», not many of which can boast of reproductive wellness today. Perhaps begin on it lean?

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