Police throw 15-year-old kid to ground after he purportedly obstructed traffic and attempted to run away

A teen young boy apparently trying and also withstanding to leave authorities was gotten by the neck and drew to the ground in a video clip that has actually gone viral across social media sites.

While the video clip showed a shortened variation of the exchange, police said the boy became part of a larger team of bicyclists riding through New Jersey that were obstructing website traffic and causing a safety threat.

Ridgewood authorities claimed the occurrence is under investigation and has actually been described the Internal Affairs Unit due to making use of pressure and the public feedback.

The 15-year-old from Sloatsburg, New York, who can be heard yelling at policemans to get off him and also let him go, was provided four summonses for motor vehicle infractions.

Ridgewood Police Department principal, Jacqueline Luthcke, said the team of bikers neglected repeated orders to stop as they approached an area of the main enterprise zone that had actually been closed to website traffic for a “Welcome back Ridgewood” event.

” One bicyclist disregarded the safety of others and started to pass the policeman as the officer was speaking with the team,” Ms Luthcke claimed in a statement shown Ridgewood Daily Voice.

” After some discussion, the policeman advised that bicyclist that he was mosting likely to be issued a summons … At that time, the bicyclist tried to leave and started to draw his bike away from the officer. The officers on scene then tried to take safekeeping of the bicyclist and the bicyclist continued to actively withstand the police officers.”

Professional Photographer Boyd Loving, who captured the event on Sunday mid-day, published photos to Facebook describing the team as a “flash crowd” of bicyclists.

” The bicyclists were originally observed interrupting web traffic on Lincoln Avenue in Hawthorne,” Mr Loving stated in the article.

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