Rachel Bilson Gets Honest About the “Anger” She Sets Aside to Raise Daughter With Ex-spouse Hayden Christensen

Rachel Bilson didn’t avoid that fact when talking with PEOPLE about her life as a mom to 3-year-old daughter Briar Rose with ex-boyfriend Hayden Christensen, whom she dated for 10 years prior to they split means last September.

Splitting up is hard– contribute to that a kid as well as Hollywood fame that maintains you in the public eye, and the process becomes profoundly a lot more complex.

“No issue what I’m handling or how much it hurts or just how much rage there is, it’s just about her.”

“We’re still sort of trying to figure it out,” she stated of their “work-in-progress” coparenting vibrant. “It’s a difficult one. As well as I don’t know that there is any type of appropriate means, always.”

The starlet said that, at this point, they keep the descriptions basic and placed her needs first.

“We claim Mommy has a home as well as Daddy has a house, but she’s rather young to have an in-depth discussion,” Rachel stated. “Most crucial for me is that Briar is OK and safe as well as stable. Regardless of what I’m taking care of or how much it injures or how much rage there is, it’s just about her.”

As a youngster of separation, she intends to obtain some parenting tips from her very own mom: “My mama was a wonderful mother,” she stated. “My parents underwent a separation, as well as she showed me just love, so I was entirely secure as well as okay when she did. Briar requires to really feel loved from the people she enjoys one of the most. She has that love that is genuine, so I think we’re doing OK.”

And despite any type of difficulties with Hayden, she enjoys seeing aspects in her daughter of both her as well as her ex: “She’s stubborn and pretty amusing like me, and she’s very athletic like her father!”

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