Ripple’s Payburner P2P payment platform enters beta testing

Payburner is a non-custodial wallet that allows global P2P transaction using XRP

In a recent announcement, Ripple’s product director, Craig DeWitt, announced a personal project, a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platform named Payburner.

“We’re […] excited to launch PayID, Request for Payment and PayID network search,” said DeWitt.

The platform was created to ensure an easy and secure experience for online shoppers and merchants. To get started, users can download the plugin on Payburner’s site, which currently only supports Chrome and Brave browsers.

Key features

Users can create their PayID upon registration, allowing seamless transaction within the PayID ecosystem. Essentially, any wallet that supports PayID will have the ability to send and receive transactions.

Request for payment is a new feature, allowing users within the Payburner network to inquire from one to another through their PayID. At the moment, the feature exists exclusively for Payburner users, with plans to include PayID users from other wallets in the future.

To activate an account, users must send an initial amount of XRP, as is the case for any XRP wallet.

Payburner also supports one-click checkout with Paybuttons. The and demonstrate how the features can be implemented on an online store.

Supporting startups and breaking down barriers

Young startup businesses could skip the rigorous process of implementing a traditional online payment system entirely, since the integration of Payburner will only take 20 minutes without any registration or banking information.

Additionally, Payburner only takes a 1% cut out of the merchant’s XRP from each purchase and will not withdraw any fund without the merchant’s discretion.

With zero fee services for P2P payments or payment requests, Payburner could entice newcomers to the crypto space. Not only ordinary users, but also business owners could easily and securely enjoy the platform.

Payburner may pave a new path for mass crypto integration on the internet. When online businesses have an easy way to accept payments, they may be more likely to shift to XRP.

Users often shy away from investing, trading or making transactions with crypto, as there are learning barriers. Payburner may increase and streamline the use of crypto payments through its straight forward functionality and user-friendly interface.

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