Russia Accuses Slovak Watchdog of Sputnik V ‘Sabotage,’ Demands Return of Vaccines

Sputnik V’s official Twitter account on Thursday accused the Slovak Drug firm SUKL of a “disinformation campaign” versus the Russian vaccine after the guard dog said the set of 200,000 vaccinations the nation received varied from those examined by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the medical journal The Lancet.

On Wednesday, media reported that SUKL told the country’s Health Ministry it had been incapable to review the dangers and also advantages of Sputnik V due to a lack of data and disparities in does. SUKL on Thursday said that on top of the lack of information it believed the batch provided to Slovakia was not the like the test sets.

” SUKL has actually introduced a disinformation war #SputnikV and prepares additional provocations. The statement from SIDC that the set of Sputnik V delivered to Slovakia does not have the very same qualities as the vaccination explained in The Lancet is fake information,” Sputnik V’s main account tweeted. The injection has yet to be accepted by the EU.

” All Sputnik V sets are of the same top quality as well as go through strenuous quality assurance at the Gamaleya Institute,” the account claimed.

According to the programmers of Sputnik V, SUKL evaluated the vaccine in a laboratory that was not part of the EU’s Official Medicines Control Laboratory, which was “in violation of an existing agreement and also an act of sabotage.”

The Twitter account additionally stated that the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which financed the manufacturing of Sputnik V, sent a letter to the Slovakian authorities on Wednesday requesting for the return of the vaccination “due to multiple agreement violations to ensure that it can be used in other countries.”

Slovakia, one of Europe’s hardest-hit countries by the pandemic, got 200,000 doses of the Russian injection on March 1. The acquisition spurred the tiny Central European country into a political dilemma as well as resulted in the resignation of Prime Minister Igor Matovič after his coalition partners charged him of acquiring the vaccination without their authorization.

Matovič, that is currently Slovakia’s Finance Minister flew to Moscow on Thursday for discuss the Sputnik V altercation.

According to Sputnik’s Twitter account, RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev “held an efficient meeting with the Vice Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovič.”

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