Russia Blames U.S. for Syria Confrontation

Russia on Thursday condemned the United States for a stressful conflict in Syria in which Russian army lorries as well as helicopters surrounded U.S. armored lorries, leaving U.S. soldiers injured.

The White House National Security Council (NSC) said in a statement that a Russian car struck a U.S. mine-resistant all-terrain automobile, “creating injuries to the vehicle’s crew.”

Russia’s Defense Ministry launched a statement saying that it had advised the Defeat-ISIS Coalition ahead of time that a column of its military police would go through.

” In spite of this, in violation of the existing agreements the U.S. troops tried to obstruct the Russian patrol” it claimed, adding that Russian armed forces authorities took “necessary measures” to finish the incident and lug on their mission.

The principal of the Russian General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, offered “full descriptions” in a phone call with General Mark Milley, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Moscow claimed.

Videos shared on Twitter, apparently recorded by onlookers and also the Russians themselves, appear to show Russian troop providers as well as attack helicopters trying to box the U.S. vehicles in and afterwards require them from the location, near Dayrick.

Vehicles show up to bump each various other, and also at one point– perhaps at the start of the battle– among the helicopters floats really low over the halted Americans, blasting them with prop laundry.

There were no information offered from the NSC or Pentagon on how many crew were wounded and also what the level of the injuries were.

National Security Council representative John Ullyot stated the U.S. automobiles were a safety patrol of the anti-Islamic State union.

He claimed the patrol left the location to de-escalate the scenario.

” Unprofessional as well as harmful actions similar to this stand for a violation of de-confliction procedures, dedicated to by the United States and also Russia in December 2019,” claimed Ullyot.

” The coalition and also the United States do not seek escalation with any nationwide army pressures, yet U.S. requires always preserve the inherent right and commitment to defend themselves from hostile acts.”

U.S. and Russian troops frequently communicate in Syria, yet conflicts have actually been uncommon.

Russia Bolsters Military Police Presence in Northern Syria Amid Fighting Flare-Up

Russia has actually sent out added armed forces police systems to the Raqqa district of north Syria in the middle of a flare-up in battling in between rebel teams there, the Kommersant service daily reported Monday, pointing out a top Russian authorities in Syria.

Russia, a close ally of the Syrian federal government in Damascus, preserves an armed forces visibility in northeastern Syria, one of the last rebel holdouts in the nation’s decade-long civil war, in addition to Turkey, which supports rebel factions. Shelling between Turkish-backed rebel teams and the opposition Syrian Democratic Forces burst out in the community of Ayn Issa this month, prompting mass civilian displacement and also criticism of Russia’s inactiveness.

Rear Admiral Vyacheslav Sytnik, deputy head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria, stated that additional Russian armed forces cops devices were deployed to Ayn Issa in an effort to stabilize the combating.

” Additional devices of the Russian military cops have actually arrived in the Ayn Issa location of the Raqqa district to step up efforts to support the scenario. We call on the events carrying out common shelling to quit the rise,” Kommersant cited Sytnik as claiming in a statement.

Russia remains in agreement with Turkey on the implementation of Russian-Syrian blog posts, Sytnik included.

Earlier this month, Moscow, Damascus and the Syrian Democratic Forces agreed to develop 3 joint blog posts in the Raqqa province.

Kommersant cited Arab media records as stating that the Russian military hopes to convince the Syrian Democratic Forces to move component of the areas they regulate to Damascus as Ankara strengthens its placements on Syrian region.

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