Russia Seeks Proof of Navalny’s Poisoning From Germany

Russian district attorneys have asked their German colleagues to give their proof that allowed physicians in Berlin to identify noticeable Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny with poisoning.

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office said in a statement Thursday that Russia had actually opened an initial inquiry on the day of Navalny’s abrupt disease last week. The de facto Russian resistance leader was flown to Berlin’s Charité hospital after Russian physicians eliminated poisoning as the cause of his illness.

” Despite the initial query that started on Aug. 20, absolutely nothing has actually suggested calculated criminal actions versus Navalny that would certainly qualify this incident under criminal law,” the district attorney’s office said.

On Monday, the Charité health center said its examinations indicated that Navalny had actually been poisoned with an unknown compound coming from a course of chemicals that affect the nerve system.

” Particularly, the German side is requested to supply the Russian firms with explanations, details as well as evidence of their preliminary medical diagnoses,” the statement reads.

Prosecutors likewise asked for Navalny’s clinical records as well as exams throughout his trip to Germany and treatment at Charité.

The Russian district attorney’s workplace included that it prepared to give Germany with assessments and analysis performed on Navalny in Russia before his transfer.

Russia Seeks to Jail Navalny

Russia’s jail authority has actually asked to replace Alexei Navalny’s put on hold sentence in the Yves Rocher situation with an actual jail term, the Kremlin movie critic claimed Tuesday, a signal that he can be put behind bars if he goes back to Russia following his poisoning.

Navalny, 44, is currently in recovery in Germany following what European researchers called poisoning by the Novichok nerve agent and has actually sworn to return to Russia after making a complete recovery.

If he did not return by Dec. 29, the Federal Prison Service (FSIN) late last month endangered to put behind bars Navalny. His extended probation duration in the embezzlement situation he says was politically inspired and also Europe’s human rights court ruled was unfair expired on Dec. 30.

” Putin is so angry that I endured his poisoning that he bought the FSIN to go to court as well as need that my put on hold sentence be transformed to a genuine one,” Navalny tweeted Tuesday.

He attached a court database screenshot mentioning that a case had actually been signed up Monday to “cancel a suspended sentence in connection with failing to release obligations, evasion of compensation of damages and also payment of a brand-new crime.”

The FSIN stated on Dec. 28 that it had actually learned from medical journal The Lancet that Navalny had been released from a German center in the autumn after recovering from the near-fatal Novichok poisoning.

Additionally late in December, Russian private investigators opened a criminal probe on claims that he had misused $4.8 million of donations to his nonprofits. The charge carries a charge of up to 10 years in prison.

The FSIN’s previous attempts to reverse Navalny’s put on hold sentence in the Yves Rocher case and also jail him were turned down by a Moscow court in 2017.

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