San Jose mass awesome had 22,000 rounds of ammo in his house

The San Jose mass killer had 12 guns as well as 22,000 rounds of ammunition inside his home, according to authorities.

Samuel Cassidy, 57, shot dead 9 co-workers at a Valley Transportation Authority railyard in San Jose, California, before taking his own life.”Based on current proof obtained by Sheriff’s Office Detectives at the VTA yard and the suspect’s residence, it is clear that this was an intended event and the suspect was prepared to use his guns to take as numerous lives as he perhaps could had Sheriff’s Deputies not made entry to quit his rampage,” the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office stated in a statement on Friday.

Sheriff Detective Sergeant Joseph Piazza claimed the tools had been purposely put throughout the home.

“Based on my experience, I would certainly think that weapons would certainly be saved in various places as well as put there to access them in a time of emergency,” he said.

“If he was called by someone or police, he would certainly have access to those tools in various locations of the house.”

Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith has actually claimed Cassidy evidently shot himself as replacements closed in on him and that he was equipped with three weapons.

Authorities have not yet confirmed a motive for the murders, yet have actually stated that Cassidy appears to have been a disgruntled worker at the VTA.

San Jose officials likewise claimed that they were never told that Cassidy had been come by United States Customs officers in 2016 as well as was found to have books on terrorism and also a note book packed with unfriendly writings about his workplace.

A Department of Homeland Security official has actually told CNN that Cassidy was stopped when going back to the United States from a journey to the Philippines.

“Whatever this detention at the boundary was, it did not lead to an apprehension that showed up on his FBI criminal background, as well as it was not reported to SJPD,” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo’s office said in a declaration.

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