Self-extrusion of black dots increases the danger of acne

Ideal skin (as well as who does not fantasize concerning it) needs to be gentle and also also, somewhat touched by a blush. Placer black points in the listing of benefits of ideal skin are not present.

However exactly how to be, besides black points happen not only in change age— about 40% of women over 25 have this issue. As well as also not a lot— the adolescents will certainly lack puberty and also the skin will certainly recuperate

and if you are already at 30 and you watch for on your own and also do not really feel any type of unique hormonal modifications, then black dots that do not vanish come to be an obsession.

Regarding just how comedones emerge, just how harmful they are as well as just how to manage them, the correspondent of SE acknowledged.

The Case in Lard

Why this bacon is normally needed, the girl may think, checking out her brilliant forehead. In the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands, sebum is conveniently released from the pores as well as distributed over the skin, developing a thin movie, which is a safety obstacle. Usually everything goes not according to plan. Black dots (open comedones) are the result of clogging the open purgative air ducts of the sebaceous glands with a combination of sebum as well as dead skin cells.

And also black shade, offering their presence and ruining the appearance, shows up that’s why. «The built up sebum in the pores, coming in contact with the atmosphere as well as oxidizing, dims on the surface of the plug,» claims Ekaterina Lebedko, a beauty therapist «Sante Estetic.»

For what? Why do some of these points not at all, yet others they are scattered in the face, like celebrities in the sky? It’s everything about the work of the sebaceous glands, and, regardless of how rough the rank is for the fatty, completely dry as well as typical skin types, it discusses whatever.

The proprietors of oily skin, those that have sebaceous glands operate in a strengthened mode as well as in a larger amount, the risk of comedones is higher— the excess lard does not have time to surface.

On top of that, for a long time it was thought that aesthetic medications contribute to the appearance of comedones, and now the scenario has changed: «Almost all the funds launched today have a note— they are not medicated,» explains Olga Vylegzhanina, skin specialist, center prof. Pasman. «Only poor-quality, inexpensive cosmetics, containing really fatty parts, can obstruct pores.»


What danger, besides a totally aesthetic issue, can comedones carry? Fast sufficient microorganisms in the contents of the blocked pores start to develop. What is sebum? It is a nutrient medium, including germs. For that reason, the risk of inflammation of the comedon is excellent, although not 100% it will grow in a pimple. «Comedones are an additional justification of development of pores,» advises Catherine.— Clogged, they stretch, as well as reduce the quantity later on can only be irrelevant.» Along with these difficulties, with completely clogged pores, the top stratum corneum becomes denser and also the skin’s resistance decreases.

What can be done? Change the kind of skin as well as the feature of sebum is impossible, along with dramatically slim the pores. You can just slightly change and change to these conditions, boosting the appearance of the skin. This is the reason for the various tonic and creams, which indicated the feature of narrowing the pores— in fact, they can not narrow them, but assistance to make the top layer of the skin a lot more clean, have an anti-bacterial result.

Great cope with sexy plug website traffic peeling, conducted in beauty parlor, alleviate the skin from the dead layer of cells, combating acne and smoothing the surface area. Do not overlook the softer masks with fruit acids, regular facial skin treatment treatments, consisting of mechanical and hardware cleaning.

Such means as spots for cleaning up the pores on the nose, according to Catherine Lebedko, most likely simply decolorize the comedones and liquify the surface area contaminants— it is beyond the power to take out the materials of the clogged pore.

What you do not need And also, ultimately, one of the most exciting question— nevertheless, several, repent, understanding that you can not choose your skin, pressed your nose to tears as well as soreness. We will not say anything brand-new, we will not pressurize— independent disposal of the components of pores is still not advised. «The fact is that the moment butchered is not just a straight move exterior, it is a bag of components,» says the skin specialist.

As well as if you squeeze it out awkwardly, the sebum does not concern the surface area totally as a cork, however will certainly be squashed in a bag, as well as this will cause swelling. Although some can be squeezed out without repercussions— success relies on the framework of the pores, for a person they are simply a lot more straight, but I do not advise cleansing myself, it’s much better to entrust the face to cosmetologists. »

What verdicts can be drawn? If you get a broad pore, face treatment needs to be thorough: frequently clean the skin, washing, rubbing the skin with a restorative, making masks for deep cleansing two times a week. Do not hesitate of peelings (surface for sure) as well as cleaning from a cosmetologist. A clean appearance also to the oily skin can be provided, if you do not grumble regarding destiny, but try. Good luck!

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