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Gone are the days when yogis seemed to us to be withered, wiry Hindus in a bandana, remaining on nails. Nowadays the yogi is an individual who keeps up to day, two times a week heading with a fashionable yoga exercise mat in a big fitness center: to be informed on time after job or at lunch.

“Let yoga come into your life, as it was when television and also the Internet”– reviews the announcement on among the web sites describing the next “college of yoga exercise.” For the previous couple of years, yoga exercise has been booming and also is certainly becoming a fundamental part of the stylish life-style.

Where to look for harmony, spiritual and also physical perfection– in big fitness clubs or specialized yoga exercise centers, the SHE correspondent discovered, after having tried the pet’s position in a health and fitness and spiritual style.

Reference: Yoga– a collection of spiritual as well as physical techniques aimed at regulating the subconscious and psychophysiology, and ideally– spiritual as well as physical excellence. Consists of a facility of asanas and pranayama. Asana is an exercise in which the management of power as well as physiological processes in the body is accomplished with the redistribution of stress, tightenings and tensions in the body. Pranayama (translated from sancrita: control of prana– vital force) is a system of breathing workouts aimed at conscious control of breathing.

Educating with the name yoga remains in practically every major as well as not really fitness center. In some cases teachers are instructed there from yoga facilities, often just physical fitness teachers that have undergone added training. DoubleGIS records that in Novosibirsk there are eight specialized areas where you can sign up with yoga exercise with a spiritual part. On hearing– “Studio Yoga +”, the center of yoga “Namaste” and also yoga exercise club “Snow Lotus” (where Vladimir Kalabin, one of the most rasporated yogi of Novosibirsk, teaches). For relative field experiments, “Remix Drive” was picked– 450 rubles. for “day at the club” and also “Studio Yoga +”– 300 rubles. for a single workout.

Indications:issues with the spinal column, including osteochondrosis, scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, herniated intervertebral discs; fatigue syndrome; sleeplessness; psychosomatic effects of lasting anxiety; vegeto-vascular dystonia, and so on– it is thought that yoga exercise is revealed to everybody as well as can heal lots of illness– yet just under the advice of an experienced trainer.

Contraindications: contraindications are only serious illness, in which exercise is contraindicated in principle– natural heart damages, blood conditions, mental illness, malignant neoplasms, body temperature above 37 as well as listed below 36.2 degrees, full tummy, stay in a steam bath or sauna serves not earlier than 6-8 hrs after the practice of asanas or 4 hrs before it.

Fitness Yoga

Process: In the fitness centers, the standard hatha yoga exercise is taken as the basis of the training. If you look around the world, after that hatha yoga– the prep work of the body for complex reflections, nevertheless, fitness centers do not construct any kind of introspective strategies, simply this yoga exercise is better to various other areas of physical fitness. Trainer in fitness as well as yoga Galina Andronova states that her training is characterized by dynamic method– concerning 15 asanas are done per hr, approximately 5-7 respiratory system cycles each. Each asana Galina with expertise of the matter, but silently, as if just for himself, hires Sanskrit: parsvakonasana, papipuna matsyendrasana, etc, to ensure that you listen to just the rustling of the last syllables.

Around fifty percent of the asanas are offered extremely easily, when executing a 3rd of the exercises, the SHE correspondent was compelled to take breaks, while the others remained to keep a static setting, as well as only two instructors did the asanas, the

rest did not also dare to repeat the weight hanging on one palm, as an example. The primary distinction in between physical fitness yoga exercise and also high-grade, Galina Andronova believes, is restricted in time: training is lowered by pranayama and shavasana (leisure)– only asanas remain.

Feel:In a spacious hall with a window in the wall surface, under loosening up music as well as leisurely movements, the thoughts soothe themselves. Throughout the training you go into a state of tranquility and detachment. After training, there is agility in the back, and also the next day it hurts, as after exercising workout treatment for the back.

Yoga exercise in the center

Process: The lesson lasts 2 hrs– a hr and also a fifty percent asana, half an hour pranayama. Yoga-yenengar is identified by an enhanced interest to the proper position of the body in the asanas and using additional assistances (bolsters, folded blankets, “blocks”, tows) for the best feasible efficiency of asanas from the initial workout. Worn much more reflective. Initially, taking a seat, everyone sings “Om” 3 times (Sanskrit– sacral audio, the original rule), after that the teacher Olga Savchenko advises in a melodious voice to loosen up one at a time in all components of the body, to free the mind.

The asanas start– also easy apparently positions, which can typically be found at different training sessions in physical fitness clubs, are executed so very carefully that you are surprised how wrong you’ve done them in the past.

During the retention of the present, Olga attempted to approach everybody as well as essentially construct the asana properly, propping up, where required, “blocks”. At the end of the training, as it should be in yoga, complied with by shavasana– a 10-minute leisure pushing the back. Afterwards, they stayed on pranayama. Actually, it was instead a prep work for real pranayama, which, in theory, is executed while sitting. Yet very few individuals can rest still for half an hour without proper preparation, as well as consequently in “Yoga +” preparatory pranayama is practiced: managed breaths as well as exhalations, existing with the blankets put under the back as well as head for maximum opening of the lungs.

Unlike Remix Drive, where only ladies remained in the course, there was one obviously long-time and also really sophisticated male in Yoga +. Olga Savchenko whined that guys in yoga exercise classes are truly rare, although that there are numerous yoga exercise instructors in the West.

Feel:A good appropriate extending is always positive to the body, and also after half a hr of pranayama, also if it is preparatory, there is a feeling that you have really been filled with energy– a feeling like after several hours of meditation, usually after such techniques it is recommended to even attempt not to speak to ensure that the kept power simultaneously is not used up in vacant chatter. Below such advice was not offered, but the desire to be silent developed intuitively. The next day just the leg muscles ached, as well as the SHE reporter had enough power for the whole evening of work by the club observer.

Recap:Of program, comparing yoga exercise in a fitness club with a genuine one resembles correspondence with interjections in ICQ with a confession from a clergyman. The primary distinctions: in the health and fitness format, training is decreased due to pranayama and also shavasana– and without this, the definition of yoga exercise for the accumulation of power is just lost. The lack of reflective components in fitness yoga equates it with regular stretching.

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