Software‌ startup‌ ‌introduces‌ ‌blockchain-based‌ ‌document‌ ‌validator‌

DOKKZ software startup is bringing its blockchain validator into beta and will aim to improve the efficiency of document verification

Earlier this week, DOKKZ, a startup from Switzerland, announced its document validation system will go into beta. The platform allows users to create legitimate digital documents that can be securely stored on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, rendering them immutable.

The blockchain will then use this copy for future validation when or where anybody wants to confirm if their copy is authentic. The authentication process works simply with a drag and drop function.

Donald Mulders, CEO of DOKKZ, commented:

“The challenge that we took up in creating DOKKZ was to build a user-friendly product that anyone can use intuitively, regardless of their technical ability. DOKKZ was designed to be used in an office environment by people who may have never heard of Bitcoin, using the power of the technology without any of the complexity.”

For now, accounts are only issued after verifying the applicant’s identity to prevent fraud and misuse of the platform. Users must contact DOKKZ directly through email to start this process.

The blockchain treatment

Blockchain is a decentralised, distributed ledger system, where information is safely kept via encryption and distributed to every node in the blockchain so there is no single point of failure.

Once the information is uploaded, unauthorised changes and alterations cannot be made, as there will always be an authentic backup on other computers in the blockchain, making it virtually immutable.

Traditionally, physical documents are verified using a watermark known specifically by that company. But these watermarks can be falsified, or the contract itself could be altered for personal gain or fraudulent schemes.

Additionally, validating a physical document can be difficult in its own right. Documents can be lost or damaged, which makes the process more complex.

With the use of blockchain in the DOKKZ system, documents are unchangeable and the validation process is quick and direct, cutting out any physical interactions and speeding up the entire process.

The right place at the right time

With the ongoing pandemic, the future is still uncertain, with many businesses having been put on hiatus. DOKKZ, therefore, could be a much-needed technology for many businesses to continue their operations. Furthermore, it may contribute to the recovery of the economy by shortening times between document verification when the pandemic ceases.

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